How to do Holiday flings the right way!

PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images
PHOTO: Gallo images/ Getty images

Like every festive season, charming boys and gorgeous girls will return to their hometowns or fly off to exotic locations.
The holidays are a great time for romance too. So it’s possible you’ll meet someone during all the festivities.

It might feel like you've met your soulmate, but chances are it's just lust at first sight. Sadly, most holiday romances are just that. If your festive fling hasn’t called or texted once the party is over, don’t wait by the phone.  

Thembi Hama, a certified life coach, says starting a relationship during the holidays might seem exciting, “But it comes with its own dangers that may even be long term”. 
Life coach Stephanie Dawson-Cosser says the danger of holiday flings is that our bodies rule our hearts. “Protect your heart if you’re planning to just have fun for the holiday. Prepare for that. Don’t invest in the relationship or start dreaming about him or her,” Stephanie says.

“So while a one-night stand may tantalise the love hormone of oxytocin due to cuddling and snuggling, it doesn’t create stability and long-term connection,” she adds. 

Thembi and Stephanie offer these tips on how to conduct yourself during a holiday romance, so you can cut the cord before feelings get hurt. 


Frustration. Those who have had a long, hard year will seek to relieve pressure, even if they know it’s only temporary.‎ 
Holiday pressures like the need to be seen as fun and joyful. The pressure to bring a partner to parties or get-togethers also leads to flings.
A sense of adventure and the need to try new things.
Some people seek to heal broken hearts or get over break-ups.


Thembi says any reckless behaviour can have serious consequences such as:
Irresponsible sexual behaviour might lead to unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.
Excessive unplanned spending might result in debt or loss of assets in the New Year.
Impulsive dishonest behaviour like cheating on a partner for a moment of pleasure might lead to the end of a valuable relationship.
Some people might regret their holiday activities when they’re back home and reality sinks in.


You get to meet new people, learn more about them and their cultures.
You get to have a fresh perspective on life.
There's a lot you can learn about yourself such as what type of partner you like, what you have in common, etc.
It could actually be the start of something serious or long term.

“No condom, no sex. You don’t know where this partner was the night before or the many before that,” Stephanie says.