Meagan Good on why she doesn’t go to church often: “I have been criticised too much”


Actress Meagan Good is finally speaking out about being a pastor’s wife and surprisingly, she doesn’t attend church as much we’d think she would.

Megan married her preacher husband, DeVon Franklin in 2012 and in a recent interview with an American radio station, she was asked if she goes to church with her husband – her answer was “not very often”.

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"I do [go to church]. Not all the time though, because, if I'm being completely honest, my experience with some church folks has not been that positive," she said.

"It's unfortunate because we're supposed to be the biggest lovers. And it's like, even if you disagree with someone or you don't think what they're doing is right, you're supposed to mind your own business and pray for that person. Other times, you're supposed to correct in love if that's what God told you to do. And there was no correction in love. It was like a complete assault," reports BET.

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In the past, Meagan’s choice of clothing has been severely criticized. When a woman said she saw her in a magazine, in clothing that revealed her chest and she suggested that Meagan covers her body up, DeVon stepped in to defend his wife, saying she will wear whatever it is that she wants to wear.

“She’s going to wear what she wants to wear in the name of Jesus, yes she will. God bless you, we love you, but she has been as Christian as she’s been when she was wearing whatever she wanted to wear, so no, we’re not doing that,” he said before kissing Meagan and telling her he loves her.

The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Meagan recently starred in the film, The Intruder, where she has a sex scene with co-star, Michael Ealy. And for that sex scene, Meagan said she’s patiently waiting to be criticized for that too.

“And there’ve been a few of them. There have been a few of them. I’m waiting on the timeline — ‘I can’t believe she did this sex scene. She’s a married woman,’” she said.

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“At the end of the day, for me, I still love Christians. I will always love the church. I love my Lord and Saviour, period point blank. That’s first and foremost over everything. But even though I love some of those people, I have to love them from a distance because my spirit is too sensitive. And even though I’ve gotten to a place of balance, I’m the type of person, if I see someone crying, I’ll start crying. I’m extremely sensitive so I have to protect my spirit because those people don’t always know what they’re doing,” she said.

Her husband, however, continues with his unwavering support for his wife and her craft.

“The great thing about him, is like, he wasn’t looking to change me in marriage. He knew who I was before marriage. And so there is growth that happens individually and collectively. So, it wasn’t like “Now, you’re married. You can’t do this anymore. You can’t do that,” she concluded.