Aretha Franklin’s family slam reverend for ‘offensive’ eulogy at her funeral

Aretha Franklin (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images)
Aretha Franklin (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images)

Johannesburg - The family of Aretha Franklin have slammed Rev. Jasper Williams eulogy at the Queen of Soul’s funeral on Friday as “offensive and distasteful”, according to PageSix.

Vaughn Franklin, Aretha’s nephew, told the Associated Press that the Reverend’s comments about single mothers were “inappropriate”.

During his 50 minute speech, Rev Jasper described children being in a home without a father as “abortion after birth" and said black lives do not matter unless blacks stop killing each other.

“Here's the root of what I've been talking about: In order to change America, we must change black America's culture," he said during the funeral service. "We must do it through parenting. In order for the parenting to go forth, it has to be done in the home. The home."

The Franklin family believe his comments are a dig to the late singer, who was a single mother to four children.

But on Monday, Vaughn said the family expected a proper eulogy that concentrated on his aunt's life.

“He spoke for 50 minutes and at no time did he properly eulogize her,” said Vaughn in a statement on behalf of the family. Aretha’s nephew further added that the Reverend’s eulogy “caught the entire family off guard,” and they had not discussed with him what he would say in advance, “It has been very, very distasteful.”

Responding to criticism of his eulogy, the Reverend has not apologised for his words but says he respects the family’s opinion. “I understand it. I regret it. But I’m sorry they feel that way.”