Ciara shares a moving message to #LevelUp challenge winner

Ciara (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images)
Ciara (PHOTO: Gallo/Getty Images)

Johanensburg - Ciara recently visited the #LevelUp challenge winner and captured the memorable moment in a snap which she shared on her Instagram.

The #LevelUpchallenge has without a doubt been one of the most inspiring dance routines that’s gained world traction, however it was Instagram user KennnyClutch's #levelupchallenge clip that really got Ciara's attention.

The user whose real name is Kenny Thomas, shared a video of himself dancing for his 1-year old son Kristian, who had successfully recovered after his first round of chemotherapy shortly after being diagnosed with Leukemia.

It wasn’t long till the video of the proud dad went viral and ended up on Ciara’s Instagram feed, “God is so good! We’re dancing for you too angel! Let’s #LevelUp against Cancer together!” she captioned the vid.

After sending the internet into a dance frenzy, Ciara took to her Instagram to announce who she had chosen as the winner of the #LevelUpchallenge.

“Today I had one of the best times in Life! I got to meet the Rock Star Kristian! I didn’t want to let him go!! He was so cuddly,” she captioned a cute pic taken of her while carrying Kristian.

“He’s a true warrior! I felt so blessed being with him and his family! He’s currently in remission, and has one bigger step left! Let’s all continue to lift this angel up in prayer! His family too! Big shout out to his parents” she added in the caption.

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The 32-year-old singer visited Kristian and his family which his father shared on Instagram.

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