DJ Sbu opens a school for hustlers

PHOTO: Getty/Gallo Images

DJ Sbu continues on his journey to get South Africans educated by launching the Huslters Academy.

DJ Sbu launched the Academy in partnership with 360 Financial Services Group and aims to educate the youth about financial literacy and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

Speaking about his new school, Sbu says the aim is to ensure learners get both an education and also learn how to make money.

“I know how to teach people so I thought why don’t we put together a curriculum that teaches people how to sell? Because once you can teach them how to sell, you are teaching them how to make money” he told DRUM. “Once you teach them how to make money, you are helping the situation of joblessness. You are confronting joblessness and poverty head on.” 

Hustlers Academy targets mainly matriculates or unemployed graduates, who are hardworking so Sbu can “show them how to make money.”

For learners who successfully register for the 18-month long course, 360 will provide a monthly stipend that is above minimum wage.

While they are selling, the learners will also be making money for themselves through commission.

The Academy is yet another vehicle for the 40-year-old to push his message about education.

His Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation has helped thousands of people across the country.

“Our education system is irrelevant. I don’t think it’s 100% relevant” Sbu said when discussing his passion for education initiatives. “I want them to study but I must create a curriculum that helps them make money. That doesn’t keep them there for years.” 

With the aim of ensuring that learners make money and start working, Sbu says graduating candidates will have their own offices opened by 360 Financial Services Group.

“If they go through that 18 month programme, it means they’ve gone through exams and do well in it. They will also learn leadership skills and how to train others and how to make money. So we take you from a hustler, who is making money, if you go through with us for 18 months, you can have your own office open for you.”

Sbu has started a pilot project, based in Houghton, where he has been training 24 young people for the past six weeks. 

He will be taking in another 20 candidates at the end of the month.

Those interested in enrolling can apply at