Fitness Guru Takkies welcomes a healthy baby girl!

Takkies Dinwiddy (PHOTO: Supplied)
Takkies Dinwiddy (PHOTO: Supplied)


Takkies and Chris have welcomed a healthy baby girl have taken to their social media to share the news. 

"Welcome Suri Dinwiddy. She's a great little baby and @takkies7 smashed the birth. @sanadinwiddy is loving the experience too. Really proud of all of them (sic) Since conception we've lived in 4 places in 2 countries. Lived with everything in 6 suitcases for 3 months. Then living through a global pandemic. So it feels really special to be here", Chris shared in a post. 

"We did it!!! Against everything that 2020 is giving the world, we powered through. So happy to announce that baby number 2 is here and her name is SURI DINWIDDY", Takkies excitedly shared. 

"The power of God and a woman's body to create, grow and birth a whole new human is incredible. We have the capacity to do amazing things, never doubt yourself", she wrote. 

Both parents have shared that their younger child, Sana is already "loving her sister". 

See their posts below: 

She had shared that she plans to raise baby Suri with the same principles she’s raising Sana. “I’m teaching her to be kind and respectful to others. I cheer her on, I celebrate every little thing she does and show her as much love as possible. I think it’s so important that kids feel a sense of belonging,” she says. “I’m also teaching her self-love so no one can steer her in another direction through bullying. I teach her to be honest and I create a safe space for her to express how she feels. “All these are important to teach kids, especially from a young age,” Takkies adds. “As parents, we need to remember that everything starts at home.”

As a fitness instructor and choreographer, she has the luxury of being able to work anywhere in the world – so Takkies Dinwiddy was excited at the prospect of making her international mark. The Puma SA ambassador thought living abroad would help boost the brand. Even so, she knew it wouldn’t be easy to relocate.

Finding a home, getting to know the area and making new friends would be stressful enough without the extra pressure of being pregnant. But she knew she needed to support her husband, Chris, who’d been offered a job in London. It’s been three months since Takkies, Chris and their daughter Sana (2) left Mzansi – and they’re still adjusting to their new life. “It’s cold and grey here. I can’t believe I miss summer,” she tells us. “I miss my daily routine and self-care hot spots. I’m so picky with my hair, face and nails so I must start looking for new spots this side, but in the meantime I’m doing my own hair. “Imagine! I took my braids out, treated my hair and learnt from YouTube how to plait rows.”

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Moving has made her realise there’s no place like home. “I can’t just drive down the road to see my mother, brother or a friend. I must get used to the idea of just seeing them via video call. “I feel as if I’ve left a huge part of me behind. I never understood why people struggled with moving to a new place until I went through it myself.” One of the toughest parts was saying goodbye to their nanny, Judith Jani, who’d bonded with Sana and become part of the family. “We don’t have the luxury of having a cleaner or nanny to help us full-day. I have to adjust to doing things by myself until we find people we trust or, alternatively, put Sana in school.” 

Takkies Dinwiddy and family
Takkies Dinwiddy, hubby Chris and little Sana are still settling into life in England (PHOTO: Supplied)

She’s dealing with a lot of change but Takkies is taking it all in her stride. When she was pregnant with her firstborn, she inspired women by posting videos of her dancing and rocking in heels throughout her pregnancy. Her exercise routine included squats and boxing. “And I jogged a little.” But things are different with her second pregnancy. “It was tough in the beginning,” Takkies says. “I was in and out of hospital and I was put on bed rest. I struggled with the idea of not being active, but I did what I had to for the baby to be okay. “My first trimester was frightening and I didn’t have my usual doctor.

I had it easy with my first pregnancy. This baby is already showing me what a strong personality it has.” Takkies (29) is also getting used to her body going through unusual changes. She’s sprouting hair everywhere and craves certain foods, she says. “I mostly crave eggs. I find it so weird. I could eat eggs all day, every day.”  She’s had to learn to take things slowly but still works out and shares her fitness videos online. “What’s been disappointing is that I’ve missed some work purely because I’m not in SA.” But she’s working hard at making her brand global.

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“I’m maximising my social media presence by being consistent on YouTube and I’ve just joined TikTok.” Last month Puma added her workout sessions to Pumatrac, an app that allows fitness fans to select a trainer from a list that includes Takkies and fellow Puma SA brand ambassador Shane Burnell. “My dreams of globally inspiring and encouraging women to be their best self are coming true,” she says proudly. “God is so good!”

She’s always felt strongly about empowering women – which is why she started Rocking in Heels, which offers a fun way for women to get fit and feel great about themselves by doing dance fitness in heels. She’s still involved in the business but leaving her brainchild behind was heart-breaking. Yet she knew she had to put her family first, she says. In a video posted on social media, Chris said he had no choice but to accept an offer from his company to move so he could grow in his industry. According to LinkedIn, he’s the global head of employer branding and social media recruitment at a multinational company. He has his hands full with his new position, but Takkies says he makes time to help her around the house.

The pair, who’ve been married for two years, often serve couple goals on social media but, like any couple, have their ups and downs. “We have a similar sense of humour, are good friends and live life at a similar pace,” Takkies says. “It’s not sunshine and roses all the time though. Social media isn’t always real, so don’t use it as a benchmark for your own life. “However, the best foundation you can have is a great, honest friendship. That’s worked for us. We’re able to find humour in tough situations and laugh at ourselves when we’ve finished being dramatic.” They live for their daughter. “If I wake up before Chris, I get Sana ready for breakfast. She’s usually up at 7 or 8am, depending. “After breakfast I exercise and most of the time Sana just wants to play. If I don’t take her to the play centre, we like going for walks before lunch or we’ll just play in the house.” Sana is a ball of energy and keeps her on her toes, Takkies says.

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Takkies and her daughter, Sana
Takkies and her daughter, Sana (PHOTO: Takkies Instagram)