Former Generations: The Legacy actress Asanda Foji hits back at cyber bullies

Asanda Foji (Photo: Asanda Foji Instagram)
Asanda Foji (Photo: Asanda Foji Instagram)

Cape Town - Former Generations: The Legacy actress, Asanda Foji has called out women after a video she posted on her Instagram of herself dancing, became the object of criticism from cyber bullies and body shamers.

In the video, Asanda can be seen showing off a few moves while in her gym gear. Instead of taking Asanda's intended message of being carefree, trolls took the video to Twitter where they made fun of the actress' moves and her body.

Taking to Twitter to address the trolls, Asanda posted a video where she expresses her disappointment – specifically those who are women.

"Ladies we need to address this. Why do you feel that you need to bash on another woman each and every day…?" she began before explaining how cyberbullying affects others and asking people to do better.

"…start changing. Teenagers are killing themselves because of you guys. Women are being abused every day but you'll go into their comments and say 'she deserved it'. What kind of a sister are you? Do better…," she said.

It is not the first time that the actress has had to endure harsh criticism. While on Generations: The Legacy, viewers were not impressed with her acting skills and often made fun of her.

Speaking to Sowetan about her acting, she admitted that it had not been impressive.

"I know that my acting was not impressive. I was nervous most of the time. The nerves really worked against me and it showed on television," she said.