‘I’m planning to bring a lot of humour’– Thenjiwe Moseley on her new role

Thenjiwe Moseley on set. (Photo: Supplied)
Thenjiwe Moseley on set. (Photo: Supplied)

Actress and comedienne Thenjiwe Moseley is set to star in Imbewu: The Seed as a prophet. 

Thenjiwe, who is best known for her YouTube comedy skits, tells DRUM how she bagged her new gig. 

“I was in London when I received the call and was asked to come and read for the role,” Thenjiwe says. 

She says she felt an instant connection with the character Thenjiwe “Mthandazi” Mvelase, and the role reminded her of the women she grew up around in her township.

“That is what is so special about Imbewu”, she said. “It tells a true authentic South African story, so when I was told I got the role I was really excited.” 

The Durban-born comedienne said she was on an international tour for her one-woman show when she was got the Imbewu job but with the support of the scheduler, casting director and fellow cast members she was able to fit everything around her busy schedule. 

Speaking about her character, Thenjiwe says it’s an exciting role. “I love being funny and the role allows me to bring the crazy Thenjiwe that South Africans love to watch,” she said, before going on to mention how she hoped Mthandazi’s part in the show would grow as it’s a character viewers can relate to.

“The character I portray is also named Thenjiwe and her back story is that she is an umthandazi (prophet) from Umlazi,” she tells us.

“Known to everyone for her tendency to overreact and to know everybody’s deepest secrets makes everyone respect her out of fear. Despite her questionable character, she is very loyal to her clients and will never expose their secrets.”

Thenjiwe noted that the character slowly developed throughout the series, starting off as a prophet who runs out of business, then applies for a job at a company but shortly after her arrival chaos ensues.

“I am planning to bring a lot of humour. Mthandazi is a very funny character. Most people will relate, we all have an aunt or a neighbour who is just as annoying as Mthandazi,” Thenjiwe says. 

Catch Thenjiwe’s Imbewu: The Seed debut on Wednesday 1 August at 9.30pm on e.tv.