Cassper Nyovest may have the bulk, experience, but Priddy Ugly plans to exhaust him in boxing ring

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Priddy Ugly looks forward to his boxing match with Cassper Nyovest on 1 October.
Priddy Ugly looks forward to his boxing match with Cassper Nyovest on 1 October.

It's going to be an easy fight. Or so he believes. He is well built and comes from a sporting background playing football and athletics.

Staying fit has always been important but he never considered having a professional boxing match.

A few years ago, he took up kickboxing to challenge himself but had to let it go after some injuries.

Rapper Ricardo Moloi, who goes by Priddy Ugly, is ready to take on another challenge by going toe to toe with rapper and businessman Cassper Nyovest at the Celeb City Boxing Exhibition fight on 1 October at the Sun Bet Arena. 

“I used to do combat sport, kickboxing from 2010 until 2013. Since then, I have had six knee operations from my sporting background in soccer and athletics. I stopped being active for a while and focused solely on music,” Priddy Ugly tells Drum. 

“But before the idea of this fight with Cassper, I had just gone back to the gym and started working out again. I took up boxing for my overall fitness and just to try something different and challenge my body a bit.” 

Cassper heard through the grapevine that he had been going to the boxing gym and he reached out to find out if he was keen to fight after NaakMusiq turned him down for a rematch.

“For me, this fight is all about representing the underdogs, everybody who has been undermined and overlooked,” he says. 

He is not nervous at all and can’t wait to take home his belt. Without giving out his game plan, Priddy Ugly says he plans to make his fight with Cassper look easy. 

“There is a strategy. I plan to exhaust him. I want to tire him and outbox him. That doesn’t mean, outpunch him but out move him and outsmart him,” he says. 

"I saw him and Naak had a fistfight. They were trying to knock each other out, there was a lot of hand swinging. I want ours to be classy and make it look sexy. I wanna smile, move around and make it look fun and when it’s time to pounce, we pounce,” he says. 

They are not friends but music industry acquaintances with mutual respect. Priddy Ugly respects Cassper's work ethic, but he still wants to win. He watched Cassper’s previous fights and studied his strengths and weaknesses. 

“I think his biggest strength is his mentality. Cassper does everything that he set his mind to. His power of manifestation is very strong. He has achieved all the things he has wanted in his life, so he has great willpower.” 

Priddy Ugly believes that another one of Cassper's strengths is his weight. 

“His weight gives him an advantage; big thighs, big legs, and hips. My coaches tell me all the time that no legs, no boxing. When your legs get tired, you get all wobbly and that might cost you. But big legs can also slow you down. But I see him putting in the work and running. But the third advantage is he has the experience,” he says. 

Priddy Ugly hasn’t boxed in front of an audience. 

“I have never been in a boxing ring where there is an audience out, people booing you, some cheering, cameras, and lights. We are usually in an intimate space when boxing, but he has had the experience, so for me, it might come as a shock. I’m not nervous now but I will shut the noise and listen to what the coach is saying,” he says.

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In a normal boxing match, Priddy Ugly and Cassper would not be paired together because of their weight difference. 

“But we are doing this for a different purpose and cause. It’s a celebrity exhibition and we are forcing it to happen.” 

He has been getting a lot of advice from boxing experts.  

“Some people said I should find someone more in my weight category. So, despite all the odds against me in terms of weight and the experience Cassper has with the few fights under his belt, I am very excited to show kids that you can do it if you put your mind to it. But also say, there are other avenues besides just wanting to pursue music and art. If kids can watch me and be inspired, then I have reached my goal. The sport of boxing s such a great discipline and it taught me so much as a man in the last couple of months,” he says. 

Priddy Ugly is currently being trained by boxing legend Vusi Mtolo and Nigel at Brian Mitchel Boxing Academy in Edenvale. 

“I am training with professional boxers and sparring three times a week with guys who have been fighting since they were seven and 11 years old. Most of them are titleholders and champions. I am getting my ass kicked in most of my sparring sessions.” 

Priddy Ugly has also had to make some lifestyle changes. 

“I’m in the gym 24/7, six times a week, my diet has had to change. My overall mental output has had to change completely. I’m doing things I never had to do before like waking up early and eating right. The people I’m training with are so disciplined, not drinking, or smoking and putting in the work. I am doing so much cardio, eating great and I am sweating my ass off every single day,” he says. 

“It’s been great, I have not seen my abs in seven years, my energies are up again. I am eating more vegetables, broccoli, and white meat, which is what I have been eating anyway. But I have a poor appetite and am used to eating one meal a day. But now I have had to adapt and eat six meals.”

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The 1632 rapper is often trolled on social media by those who believe his career as a rapper has failed so this fight means a lot to him. 

“I think the pressure is more on Cassper to win for his career than me though,” he says. 

“He has made a lot of noise about being the baddest guy and calling people out. So, for his career, he needs to win. But for me, I am going to win, not for myself but the underdogs, and also my family. It has been a great PR exercise for me. I know some people want to see me lose and who think I suck at everything. Some say you sucked at football, you’re not successful as an artist, now you are not going to be successful as a boxer. So, there is always going to be noise. I have to block that out and focus on the match at hand. I am definitely going in there for a win,” he says. 

“I don’t feel the pressure to do it so people don’t talk smack about me. I don’t really care about all of that,” he adds. 

“For most of my career I have been undermined and it’s a great opportunity to show even kids that If I can make it, then anyone can.” 

Priddy Ugly says the negative comments on social media go over his head. 

“It all starts with self-belief. When you believe in yourself, nothing affects you. Being very spiritually sound also helps. There’s nothing any man or woman can say to alter how I feel about myself and the work I have been putting in. Also, the love and power God has bestowed upon me is way beyond what people think. Those people are trolls projecting. They are generally miserable and have been told they are useless. They don’t know me, and contribute nothing to my life,” he says. 

“I have been faced with negativity since the beginning of my career and had I been affected, I would have quit a long time ago. Even If I do something great or post a picture of my daughter, they will still say something negative. So I choose to shut out the noise,” he adds. 

He recently released his highly anticipated 7-track EP titled, MUD featuring the likes of Cooci Coke Dope, Blxckie, Lady Du, his wife Bontle, LordKez, and Marcus Harvey. The project has received international attraction from artists such as Bas, Westside Boogy, and Young Blu. 

“It’s been overwhelming. We are approaching half a million streams. I knew people would like it but not how much. Industry people are giving me my flowers, not just the artists but promoters, CEOs, and artist managers. I am getting followed by international stars, Westside Boogy, Young Blu with a song with Drake, Children of Zeus, Bas.”

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