Nomzamo Mbatha stuns on the first ever Cosmopolitan activism issue

Nomzamo Mbatha. (Photo: Cosmopolitan Instagram)
Nomzamo Mbatha. (Photo: Cosmopolitan Instagram)

Johannesburg - For their August issue, which is the month designated for women, Cosmopolitan South Africa has all-rounder and our favourite “IT” girl, Nomzamo Mbatha on the cover.

The magazine posted the cover star on its Instagram account and captioned it:

“The August issue is here, and it's louder than ever! August is women's month and #TheActivismIssue features one of the most fierce females, @nomzamo_m, on how she turned her celebrity status into a platform for powerful activism and humanitarian work!We decode feminism in our ultimate guide to #GRLPWR ”

Nomzamo has always been an activist for issues such as: suicide as a result of depression and woman empowerment.

Earlier this year she graduated from UCT and had pictures of people she’s lost on her graduation dress, as well as the helpline for depression in SA.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nomzamo is also an activist for young mothers in Africa. She has raised awareness and actively participated in trying to raise funds for these young mothers and their children.

Nomzamo believes that women should not let where they come from – their backgrounds and circumstances – stop them from achieving their goals, she narrated a letter she wrote for women on her Instagram account:

She also made her way to Kenya on a UN Rufugee Agency (UNHCR) familiarisation mission which saw see the star engage with refugees in different locations in the country.

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In her TED Talk in June, Nomzamo explained that she supports refugees because she, herself is still watering the seed her grandmother planted when she decided to run away from her arranged forced marriage, to start afresh in a new place – making her a refugee too.

Watch her TED Talk here: