PICS: Moshe Ndiki and Somizi show off their SUVs

Moshe Ndiki. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)
Moshe Ndiki. (Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images)

TV personalities Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki can definitely be listed as some of the most hard-working individuals in the entertainment industry and when they reap their rewards, they celebrate in style.

Taking to his social media pages to show off the fruit of their hard work, Moshe posted a series of pictures where he and Somizi can be seen posing on each other’s SUVs – Moshe on Somizi’s Mercedes Benz G63 and Somizi on Moshe’s new Jeep.

Somizi’s car retails for approximately R2.7 million while Moshe’s Jeep Wrangler for R 789 900 according to

“We bumped into each other from meetings and decided yazi masihlale sihlekeke(let’s be happy) ahhh I love you so much @somizi #GaysWithSUVs #GirlsWithBithCars #IiMoffieEzinamaviliEmqolo,” he captioned the pictures.