WATCH: Robbie Malinga Jr on why he took over his father’s Instagram

Robbie Malinga jr. (Photo: Robbie Malinga jnr Instagram)
Robbie Malinga jr. (Photo: Robbie Malinga jnr Instagram)

Cape Town - It has been over six month’s since 47-year-old veteran singer and producer Robbie Malinga died on Christmas day after battling with pancreatic cancer.

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Since his passing, his 17-year-old son Robbie Junior took over his father’s Instagram showing off his luxurious lifestyle of fancy cars and expensive clothing brands.

Speaking to Drum, Robbie Jr said: “I’ve always been managing my father’s Instagram account, I created the account for him and I did not want all those followers to go to waste because it’s the legacy he built for himself, so I carried on but using my own posts.”

Since then, Robbie, who also goes by the name Rob Mally, says he will be using the account going forward.

On working on his own musical projects that are still on the hush, Robbie Jr says people should sit back and enjoy the fun they will be witnessing in the next few months.

“For now, I am busy studying for my exams, but watch this space.”