Wendy Williams makes shocking announcement during show

Wendy Williams  (PHOTO:GETTY/GALLO)
Wendy Williams (PHOTO:GETTY/GALLO)

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams recently made a surprising announcement to her viewers that she would be taking a break from the show for a week.

Wendy who recently returned from a temporary TV break in order to focus on her health, will once again step away from her small screen but this time it was planned ahead of time.

“We have a planned break coming up next week. I know… it’s planned though,” the 54-year-old show host announced.

“But we’re back with live shows on April 8.”

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This planned hiatus comes amid marital drama between Wendy and her husband Kevin Hunter who allegedly welcomed a child with his mistress this week. The entertainment star has also allegedly been spotted without her wedding ring following her husband’s cheating rumors.

Check out the full clip of Wendy’s announcement below.