"What do I say when my child asks about her dad?" - Sis Dolly answers your questions

Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images
Photo: Getty Images/Gallo Images

My baby's father left me while I was pregnant with my child.

Now, every time my daughter sees a man, she asks if he's her dad or not.

I don't know what to say.

Sis Dolly answers

What a cruel and selfish man her daddy is: depriving an innocent child the joy of knowing her father, yet he's alive and kicking.

She's always going to ask after he dad, especially if she has friends or cousins who have fathers involved in their lives.

Talk to your daughter in an age appropriate way . Don't lie to her, tell her the truth, but not in a way that will cause her to have negative feelings or hate her father or men.

Just love your child and raise her as the best mother you can be.