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Elections 2014 - AM results - as it happened

2014-05-07 21:02

Due to high traffic volumes we've had to suspend live updates but follow results live on our map. We will resume when possible.

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Last Checked: 09:37am on 16 December 2017

10:14 - Due to high traffic volumes we've had to suspend live updates but follow results live on our map. We will resume when possible.

10:12 - ANC is currently at 61.83% while the DA is at 24.07% nationally. The EFF is at 4.56% with the IFP at 2.3%

Speaking to News24 at the IEC’s national results operations centre in Pretoria, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe says the party’s results in the national election are “inching up nicely”. Watch.

10:08 - 

10:07 - 

10:01 - The ANC is leading with 61.73% of the vote while the DA is second with 24.2%.

9:57 - Seems the ANC has WON in all the wards in Bekkersdal, SABC reporter Chriselda Lewis says.

9:55 - Former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils stood in a queue for over thirty minutes to cast his vote on Wednesday, according to a City Press report.

“I voted for two parties, nationally and provincially, but not the ANC or the DA,” he said.

Kasrils revealed that he had chosen to support two smaller parties who he felt could provide the change that he wanted to see in the country.

He would not disclose which two parties received his vote because he didn’t “want to be a political party agent”, but would rather wait to see how they do over the next political term.

“Because I’m not voting ANC or DA, I want to see some smaller parties entering the provincial or the national and speaking up against corruption, for better government, for service to the people and for accountability.”

The 74-year-old waited in the queue with his son, Andy “Admiral” Kasrils. His son said: “I’m proud of my father.”

When asked if he supported his father’s Vote No campaign, Andy said: “We’re always on the same page,” but he would not reveal if he voted as his father did.

“My vote is my secret,” he said.

In the run-up to the elections Kasrils was very vocal about his support for voting for minority parties instead of the ANC. He also suggested that, should people not find a political party they trusted, they should spoil their vote.

9:52 - The IEC has counted 6 000 000 votes in the National Vote.

9:46 - The ANC is still leading in most provinces except the Western Cape where the DA has 60.82% of votes.

9:44 - 

9:37 - The ANC is still leading in Gauteng with 55.26% of votes while the DA has 30.53%. The EFF has 8.25% of votes in the province.

9:29 - Take a look at our map to see how votes are looking thus far.

9:29 - IEC Chief Electoral Officer, Mosotho Moepya, explains the conditions under which a ballot can be considered spoilt. Watch:

9:21 - This is how things stand: The ANC is leading in North West with 69.67% of votes and the DA has 14.09%; in Mpumalanga the ANC has 77.24% and the DA has 11.43%; the ANC has 77.08% in Limpopo and the EFF has 9.86%; the ANC leads the Northern Cape with 61.04% and the DA has 24.98%; the ANC leads the Free State with 69.58% of votes and the DA has 16.33% of votes there; the Eastern Cape sees the ANC currently with 74.53% of votes and the DA with 13.81%; in KZN the ANC leads with 65.63% and the IFP is second with 13.39%

9:10 - So far 1.5% of votes have gone to spoilt ballots.

9:08 - Sapa reports: Over a quarter of the total registered voters in Lekwa-Teemane municipality, in the North West, have had their votes counted by 08:31 on Thursday morning.

The municipality witnessed protests by residents in Boitumelong in the beginning of April, when a number of houses, including a councillor's, were burnt down.

Protesters also disrupted schools and pelted police with stones and petrol-bombed a Nyala.

Of the 6 336 votes counted on the national ballot, the African National Congress had received 4 649 votes, the Democratic Alliance 714, and the Economic Freedom Fighters 599.

Regarding the provincial ballot, out of a total of 7 362 votes, the ANC received 4 656, the DA 1 526 and the EFF 618.

A total of 23 038 people were registered to vote in the municipality on Wednesday.

9:04 - Election results came in at a steady pace from across the country on Thursday morning, but two major cities - Johannesburg and Cape Town - were slow out of the starting blocks.

The Western Cape, the country's second richest province, was still in a better position than Gauteng, where major metros had reported little vote counting by Thursday morning, with the City of Johannesburg still to submit data.

By 08:00 at the Electoral Commission of SA's (IEC) National Results Operations Centre in Pretoria, of the 2 941 333 registered voters in the Western Cape, 1,192,280 votes had been counted on the national ballot, and 1 165 602 on the provincial ballot.

In 2009, the DA won the province with 51.46% of the vote, followed by the ANC with 31.55%. Cope came third with 7.74%.

Up to and including voting day on Wednesday, Western Cape ANC leader Marius Fransman said he was confident the ANC could retake the province, while on Tuesday at a rally in Cape Town, DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko told supporters the DA would win the province and increase its majority.

With the City of Cape Town still in limbo, it remained to be seen which way the province will break for certain. - Sapa

9:00 - Freelance reporter Rebecca Davis jokes: "As morning breaks in Orania and newspapers are opened, a tense, awkward silence falls over the town."

That's Orania where the EFF got four votes...

8:59 - The ANC is leading nationally with 60.48% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 25.63% of the vote.

8:58 - DA leader HelenZille has expressed a bit of disappointment: "We were hoping to bring the ANC down below 50% in Gauteng."

8:52 - The DA is currently in second place in most provinces except the Western Cape where it is leading, Limpopo where the EFF has the second largest percentage of votes with 9.79% and KZN where the IFP has the second largest percentage of votes with 13.19%.

So here are the DA's stats in the other provinces: Eastern Cape - 15.15%; Gauteng - 32.55%;  Free State - 68.99%; Northern Cape - 34.93%; Mpumalanga - 11.99%

8:45 - Here's where we stand right now: The IEC has counted 5 million provincial votes. 

The ANC is leading in North West with 69.86%; Mpumalanga with 76.73%; Limpopo with 76.98%; Northern Cape with 63.27%; Free State with 68.99%; Eastern Cape with 74.3%; KZN with 65.16%; Gauteng with 53.14%.

The DA is still leading in the Western Cape with 61.84%.

8:42 - The ANC has passed the 3m mark with 3 036 698 of the votes counted thus far.

8:40 - A reporter for the Eastern Cape's Daily Dispatch, Michelle Solomon, tweets: "Just heard from colleague that someone went to polling station yesterday only to open her ballot paper and it was already marked ANC."

8:33 - ANC Secretary-General, Gwede Mantashe says the ruling party will make a great showing in large areas of big cities.

THE CURRENT TOP 5: ANC - 59.99%; DA - 26.16%; EFF - 4.31%; IFP - 2.16%; NFP - 1.51%

8:30 - Have you added your voting selfie (NOT a pic of your ballot paper!) to our gallery? If you would like to, click here.

8:27 - The EFF just broke through the 200 000 mark - they have 212 057 votes. Heading for a 5th seat in Parliament.

8:26 - Sapa reports: Gauteng represents a major prize for political parties but by Thursday morning the slow pace of vote counting meant no definitive conclusions could be drawn from the results yet.

Results were coming in at the Electoral Commission of SA's (IEC) National Results Operations Centre (NROC) in Pretoria after national and provincial elections on Wednesday.

Overall, for a province with 6 063 739 million registered voters, 297 950 national ballot and 284 898 provincial ballot votes had been counted by 07:26.

On the national ballot, the ANC had won 160 151 votes, the Democratic Alliance 93 192 and the Economic Freedom Fighters 24 223.

Looking at the provincial ballot, the ANC had received 149 778 votes, the DA 94 270 and EFF 23 479 votes.

A major reason for the low number of votes was no data was available yet for the City of Johannesburg, the country's most populous metropolitan area, while Tshwane metro, with 1 456 362 million registered voters of its own, had only seen less than 1 500 votes counted by 07:26.

Emfuleni municipality, south of the City of Johannesburg, was also proportionately slow, as only 13 772 national votes and 13 511 had been counted from a base of 358 891 voters.

Ekurhuleni, with 1 547 459 registered voters, had yet to cross the 10 percent mark when it came to votes counted.

Mogale City, Lesedi, Randfontein, Midvaal, Westonaria and Merafong City - the other municipalities in Gauteng beyond the three large metros - were much closer or over the national rate of vote counting, given their smaller sizes.

8:20 - The ANC is leading with 59.84% of the vote while the DA is second with 26.4%.

8:17 - Not sure if you've seen but the EFF managed to get 4 votes in Orania (of all places). The ANC got 5 there.

8:10 - The ANC is still leading in the Northern Cape but the DA seems to be increasing its percentage of the votes with 25.55%. The ANC has 62.56%. 

8:06 - Reuters reports: The ANC currently has more than 59% of the votes in the national election after a third of the ballots were counted, the electoral commission said on Thursday.

The Democratic Alliance had more than 27% while the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) had just above 4%, the commission said.

8:01 - The ANC is still leading in most provinces except the Western Cape where the DA is sitting on 63.2% of the vote. Mamphela Ramphele's Agang SA currently has 9 719 votes nationally.

7:56 - 31.16% of the votes have been counted, according to the IEC. 6 937 of 22 263 voting districts have been counted.

7:42 - The ANC is leading in North West with 69.1%, Mpumalanga with 76.23%, Limpopo with 76.71%, the Northern Cape with 63.63%, the Free State with 68.81%, the Eastern Cape with 74.47%, KZN with 64.25% and Gauteng with 53.88%. 

The DA is leading in the Western Cape with 63.84%.

7:36 - ANC Western Cape's Cobus Grobler says his party remains optimistic and is holding thumbs, tweets EWN Reporter.

7:30 - 

7:24 - The IEC has counted 4 million national votes and 4 million provincial votes. The ANC is still in the lead in most provinces.

7:12 - Ekurhuleni metro in Gauteng on Thursday morning began showing hints of what voters were thinking when they went to the ballot boxes on Wednesday for South Africa's fifth democratic election.

As of 06.52, of 68 579 votes counted for the national ballot, the African National Congress had received 33 433 votes, the Democratic Alliance 26 626, and the Economic Freedom Fighters, who are taking part in their first election, had 4 917 votes.

With 64 085 votes counted on the provincial ballot, the ANC had received 29 691 votes, the DA 26 829 and EFF 4 534.

Both counted vote totals were still less than 10% of 1 547 459 people registered in Ekurhuleni. - Sapa

7:04 - 

6:59 - NATIONAL RESULTS: The ANC is leading nationally with 58.13% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 28.31% of the vote.

6:57 - Helen Zille has expressed huge concern over the IEC's disorganisation at voting stations. Watch:

6:50 - The CSIR predicts the national results will end up with the ANC on 63%, the DA on 22%, the EFF on 4.5%.

6:40 - The ANC is leading in Free State with 67.39% while the DA has 18.4%. In Limpopo the ANC is sitting on 75.99% of the vote and the EFF is in second place with 9.72%.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research predicts that the final result in Limpopo. will be ANC 78%, EFF 10% and DA 7%, tweets SABC news presenter Leanne Manas.

6:38 - The Gauteng premier candidate for the Economic Freedom Fighters, Dali Mpofu, expresses his confidence on the EFF standing a good chance in being listed in the top three leading parties in the 2014 elections. Watch:

6:35 - The ANC is leading in the North West with 68.92% of the vote while the DA has 14.88%. 

6:27 - The ANC has passed the 2 million vote mark in the national results count with 57.5% of the vote.

6:22 - The ANC is leading in Mpumalanga with 74.3% while the DA has 14.66%.

6:08 - Western Cape results: 762 of 1 578 voting districts counted, 809 746 valid votes, 7 182 spoilt, almost 73% turnout.

Western Cape vote update: DA 531 365 (67.7%); ANC 194 715 (24.8%); EFF 10 514 (1.34%)

6:03 - 

6:00 - The DA currently has more of the vote in KZN with 13% than the IFP which has 12%. The IFP can't be too happy with that as it was previously their stronghold.

6:00 - NATIONAL RESULTS: The ANC is leading nationally with 56.94% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 29.79% of the vote.

5:57 - The ANC is leading in North West with 68.16% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 15.47%.

The ANC is currently leading in Gauteng with 54.7% of the vote and the DA is on 31.2%, the EFF on 8.4%. But that's with only 4% of the vote in the province counted. 

5:54 - The EFF tweeted an hour ago: CIC seat in parliament has been secured with only less than 10% votes counted.

5:47 - National update: ANC - 1 592 714, DA - 850 186, EFF - 110 790, IFP - 55 510. Agang SA only has 6 699.

5:46 - 

5:44 - Remember yesterday when the ANC’s Marius Fransman said the party would take the Western Cape? Well…

Sapa reports that early election results in the Western Cape show the Democratic Alliance had 453 461 votes by 05:00 on Thursday while the ANC is sitting on 162 036 votes.

The Freedom Front Plus had 4 404 votes, the African Christian Democratic Party had 7 982 votes, African Independent Congress had 2176 votes.

The African National Party had 358 votes, the African Peoples Convention 437, Agang SA 2 076, Al Jama-Ah 5 369, Azanian Peoples Organisation 256, Congress of the People 3 371, the Economic Freedom Fighters 8454 and the First Nation Liberation Alliance had 267 votes.

The Independent Civic Organisation of SA had 4 896 votes, the Indigenous Peoples Organisation 428, the Inkatha Freedom Party 421, the Kingdom Governance Movement 120, the National Freedom Party 230 and the National Party SA had 1 103 votes.

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania had 659 votes, the Patriotic Alliance 3 860, the People's Alliance 145, the Sibanye Civic Association 110, the SA Progressive Civic Organisation 314, the United Christian Democratic Party 437, and the United Democratic Movement had 1 681 votes.

5:39 - The ANC is leading in the Eastern Cape with 74.22% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 15.24%. The ANC is also leading in KZN with 64.08% of votes.

5:32 - Parties in the Eastern Cape claiming that ballot papers were found in dustbins and 21 boxes of ballot papers taken to the provincial IEC office arrived unsealed, the SABC reports.

5:25 - The number of spoilt ballot papers, from those counted in early results on Thursday morning, represented only a small percentage of ballots cast.

Figures at 04:33 from the Electoral Commission of SA's (IEC) national operations centre in Pretoria show that out of 1 893 269 national election votes counted countrywide, 24,842 were spoiled, equalling 1.31% of votes counted.

The province where the most ballots proportionally were spoilt was the North West, where out of 87 868 votes counted, 1 642 ballots had been spoiled, equalling 1.87%.

Leading up to election day on Wednesday, former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils and former deputy health minister Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge led the "Sidikiwe! Vukani! Vote No! Campaign".

The campaign was aimed at convincing struggle activists and others not to vote for the ANC, but rather to vote for a small political party - not the Democratic Alliance - or at least spoil their votes by writing "no" on the ballot paper.

They said this tactical voting would help deepen democracy through diminishing the ruling party's majority.- Sapa

5:21 - The ANC has had more than 1.4 million votes counted. The DA is sitting on 770 000+. Currently, 20% of votes have been counted, says the SABC.

5:18 - Forty percent of votes in the Northern Cape's provincial election had been counted by 04:30 on Thursday, Sapa reports.

Of the province's 694 voting districts, 280 had been counted, accounting for 76 554 valid votes and 1 119 spoilt votes.

The early results showed the African National Congress had secured 46 268 votes, the Democratic Alliance 21 615, the Economic Freedom Fighters 3095, the Congress of the People 2 611, and the Freedom Front Plus 1 489.

The African Christian Democratic Party had 592 votes, the African People's Convention 255, the United Christian Democratic Party 138, the Azanian People's Organisation 132, and the Patriotic Alliance 116.

With less than a hundred votes each were the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania with 63, the United Democratic Movement 48, the Independent Civic Organisation of SA 45, the Inkatha Freedom Party 36, First Nation Liberation Alliance 29, and the National Freedom Party 22.


4:44 4035 voting stations have completed counting their votes so far. There are 22 263 voting stations in total.



4:34 The ANC has surpassed 1 000 000 votes in the national election. The DA almost has 600 000 votes.

4:20 The ANC are just under 30 000 votes shy of reaching 1 000 000 votes in the national elections.

4:02 Almost 15% of the national votes have been counted.

3:11 The IEC has counted 1 000 000 votes in the National Vote.


2:59 10% of the total votes have been counted. ANC still in the lead with 53.94% of the vote, DA 2nd with 33.49%.

2:43 The ANC has just passed the 400 000 vote mark in the national results count - 52,86% of the vote

2:18 With 7.44% of the votes counted so far, the ANC still leads with 53.88% of the vote, with the DA in 2nd place with 33.48% of the vote.


1:38 - DA Leader Helen Zille says they couldn't have campaigned harder for the elections.

"Yes, I'm normally very positive about how things will turn out. We couldn't have fought a harder campaign. We couldn't have worked harder. 
"We worked day and night for 73 days and now it's up to the voters," she said on the floor of the Electoral Commission of SA's (IEC) National Results Centre in Pretoria. - Sapa

1:35 - The ANC is leading nationally with 53,02% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 34,24% of the vote.




0:51 National results for Orania Town Hall
FF+ 76%, DA 44%, ACDP 2.4%, ANC 1.7 %, EFF 1.37%



ANC Statement on the Killing of ANC Member in KZN

With 1% of the votes counted:
ANC  60%, DA 26%, UDM 2.9%, EFF 2.4%, FF+ 1.98%, Cope 1.58%, IFP 1.1%

We would like to thank SA voters who showed patience, tolerance and dignity in exercising their right to vote today.



Its 11:40 and every one of the 29 parties on the national ballot has received at least one vote, except KISS
- Jan Cronje


IEC NATIONAL ELECTION RESULTS The ANC is leading nationally with 59,09% of the vote. The DA is in second place with 24,57% of the vote.



Follow Election Results LIVE


First result in.
Umzimvubu, Mount Aylif.  ANC 148  DA 3 EFF 5 PAC 1 UDM 2

Counting has started. Very high volumes were experienced in metro areas. Voting still happening in a few stations where long queues formed.
Longer delays were experienced in only a few stations. The longest was 2 hours. Power outages are affecting voting tonight.


DA leader Helen Zille has raised concerns about the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s handling of the 2014 elections.

Speaking to News24 at the IEC’s national results operations centre in Pretoria after polls closed on Wednesday, Zille said she was concerned by the IEC’s lack of organisation, especially in Cape Town.

“It was incompetent,” she said, expressing concern that the IEC will cause lost votes for the DA in the Western Cape

Zille said the results are up to the voters, and “we will have to see” how the DA does.

Roy McKenzie, News24

IEC in Eastern Cape now expecting a few results after 23:00 and then a steady trickle after midnight. It will take two days to get all the results.



Pretoria – As polling stations across South Africa closed at 21:00 on Wednesday, attention shifted to the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s (IEC) national results operations centre in Pretoria, where results were expected to start filtering through.

The cavernous hall at the Tshwane Showgrounds in Pretoria West was decked in the IEC’s blue and white colours, and filled with IEC officials, observers, political parties and media.

There was a steady buzz of activity as everybody assembled in the hall waited for the real action to begin.

Political party leaders started to arrive, with Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele and UDM leader Bantu Holomisa being seen taking their seats.

People stared at the massive electronic screens, with the one for national results flanked by another showing each party for each province.

More to follow.


DA leader just arrived at IEC ROC. The catering staff were super excited when they saw her coming.
- Ranjeni Minisamy


Its been an hour since voting stations were closed. Still no results yet here at IEC's provincial results centre. ddvote14 elections2014
- Daily Dispatch


Polls have begun to close in South Africa's fifth all-race election, with authorities promising to keep stations open as long as it takes for people already in line to vote amid high urban turnout.

Fourteen hours of voting started to come to an end at 22 263 polling centres across the country, were voters are electing lawmakers and, in turn, a president.



Voters rushed to polling stations in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, to beat the 21:00 deadline on Wednesday.

They descended in numbers and braved the cold at the 12th Apostolic Church in Extension Three.

The IEC is predicting that the first results should be available just after 21:30


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