2014-03-13 08:32

The year 2014 is a crucial year in the history of South Africa. It is crucial because it marks exactly 20 years since the first democratic election, which ended centuries of colonial rule and apartheid subjugation of the black majority. It is also a crucial year because the dawn of political freedom came with so many promises But 20 years later; the conditions of majority of the people are just getting worse.

South Africa is supposed to be celebrating 20 years of democracy and true freedom, but the reality is that:
1. 20 years later, black people are still not free!

2. 20 years later, black people are still trapped in squalor, unsafe and unhealthy conditions!

3. 20 years later, the black majority is still trapped in landlessness, homelessness and hopelessness!

4. 20 years later, young and old black workers are still subjected to slave wages and dangerous working conditions in the mines, farms, factories, retail stores, and other workplaces!

5. 20 years later, domestic workers and farm workers still work under difficult conditions without basic workers' rights!

6. 20 years later, black people battle to survive financially, trapped by debt and often blacklisted by Credit bureaux!

7. 20 years later, black women still suffer triple oppression and exploitation on the basis of their gender, race and class!

8. 20 years later, we still have communities across the country without basic services such as water, sanitation and healthcare facilities!

9. 20 years later, the people of Mothutlung in the North West, Giyani in Limpopo and all over South Africa still do not have water!

10. 20 years later, black communities in many provinces are expected to be satisfied with open toilets and no running water!

11. 20 years later, the quality of our education system is deteriorating!

12. 20 years later, the fishing community in the Coastal Provinces are still denied access to fishing rights!

13. 20 years later, black professionals in all spheres of work, the accountants, auditors, doctors, academics, lawyers, engineers, professionals in the ICT sector and many other professions are still subjected to racial discrimination and unequal treatment!

14. 20 years later, the police still kill people! They killed them in Marikana, Mothutlung, Ficksburg, Relela and all over South Africa!

15. 20 years, civil servants, particularly teachers, nurses and police are treated with disrespect and paid low salaries!

16. 20 years later, our armed forces, particularly the army are not paid adequate salaries, not given the respect they deserve, and are sent to fight illegal wars!

17. 20 years later, military veterans, particularly from former liberation movement are still neglected.

18. 20 years later, the majority of poor black children are financially excluded from institutions of higher learning!

19. 20 years later, women and children are still subjected to violent crimes, particularly rape!

20. 20 years, the conditions of people with disabilities have not been improved!

21. 20 years later, the land question has not been addressed and our land still does not yet belong to all who live on it

22. 20 years later, black people still do not have their dignity!

It is therefore upon us as Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to offer and deliver hope and inspiration to the people of South Africa, the continent and beyond. EFF is an organisation and movement for all the people of South Africa. It is an organisation for and of the people.

EFF understands that as a movement dedicated to positively changing the conditions of our people; we need to do the following:

a) Secure mass support in all corners of South Africa.

b) Win political power through mobilising and organising all the people of South Africa to vote for EFF.

c) Control the State through electoral politics in order to transform it for the benefit of all people.

d) Gain control of the economy in order to transform it to benefit all South Africans.
Since our recent formation as an economic emancipation movement, we have been able to win mass support across all spectrums of South African society. It is now upon us to convert this mass support into actual votes in the upcoming elections, in order to win political power.

In order to do this, the EFF needs to present its commitments to the people of South Africa, through its Election Manifesto. The EFF Election Manifesto, unlike others, does not present promises; it offers commitments that will be implemented.

Central to our programme is a struggle for democratic ownership and control of the key means of production by the people. Our programme is socialist. As a Marxist-Leninist Fanonian organisation, we believe that it is only through a socialist transformation programme, that we will end the suffering of our people. Key components of this socialist programme are contained in our Election Manifesto.

When we make commitments to fight for minimum wages for all, we as EFF will use our organisational and mobilisation capacity to deliver on all our commitments. The Election Manifesto of the EFF is our programme of action for the next 5 years. When in government, the EFF will mobilise the whole society to play a meaningful role in transforming South Africa for the betterment of all. Employment into senior positions of the EFF government will not be based on whether a person is a member of EFF or not, but will be based on their educational and skills capacity to play a meaningful role in our society.

This Manifesto is a practical and implementable programme, which will shape and define the EFF government. There will be individuals, trapped by narrow neo-liberal thinking who will claim that only capitalism works. Yet it is evident that capitalism has failed to deliver to our people. The Manifesto represents the aspirations of the working class and the poor, and provides an alternative vision and is a solution for true transformation in South Africa.

The EFF Election Manifesto is inspired by our Founding Manifesto adopted in our first National Assembly. It is the product of deep consultation with the people of South Africa. All Fighters, Commissars, Organisers, Volunteers and Supporters should ensure that each and every voter in South Africa is familiar with the contents and meaning of this Election's Manifesto.

The EFF Election Manifesto takes account of the reality that there is enough wealth for everyone in South Africa. Currently this wealth is spread in a deeply unequal manner, due to prejudicial historical circumstances. Those who currently own the lion's share of South Africa's wealth acquired it illegally through colonial wars of dispossession and violent defeat of the majority of South Africa’s people.

EFF plans to use political power to realise economic justice and such can only happen through maximum implementation of this Manifesto. South Africa, we present to you the Manifesto of the Economic Freedom Fighters for the 2014 General Elections.

Now is the time for economic freedom!

Julius Malema, EFF Commander in Chief and President.

(Source: EFF)
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