13% of the vote still to go in Johannesburg

2016-08-06 07:31

Pretoria - With 87% of the vote captured in Johannesburg by Saturday morning, the difference between the support for the DA and ANC is mere decimal points.

- Elections Results Map: Johannesburg

The DA currently has 41.8%, while the ANC is fractionally behind with 41.68%. The EFF is at 10.58%.

Like in its neighbouring metro, Tshwane, where vote counting is currently 96% complete, it still looks like both the ANC and DA will not reach 50%.

In Tshwane the DA is currently at 43.55%, while the ANC is at 40.92% and the EFF at 11.52%.

In those two Gauteng metros, the EFF could wield significant power, depending on whether it decides to go into a coalition with the DA or the ANC or not.

EFF leader Julius Malema told the media on Friday that his party would wait for other parties to approach it in terms of coalitions. He however indicated that they were not desperate to be in a coalition that would go against their principles.

"We will not approach anyone. We will wait for those who are interested to approach us, and then we will take the issue from there. We will talk to the DA. We will talk to everyone and we'll take it from there. The EFF have some non-negotiable principles.

"If we can't agree let's go on a re-run. There is not going to be a coalition at all costs. If we can't agree we will have a rerun," said Malema.

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