DA is the offspring of the oppressor - Zuma

2016-07-20 23:22

Johannesburg- ANC president Jacob Zuma says black people need to remember the history of the DA before deciding to vote for the party.

"The DA is the offspring of the oppressor, two white parties came together to form one," said Zuma.

"Where does a black person get the guts to associate with the oppressor?"

Zuma was speaking to supporters in Tembisa as part of a campaign in Ekurhuleni to introduce the mayoral candidate, Mzwandile Masina.

He said people should not waste their votes and should support the ANC.

"One even goes to become a leader. The DA is the past," he said.

Zuma further told the hundreds of supporters to remember the injustices of the past and what black people went through.

Importance of voting

He said Africans were not poor before they were oppressed.

"We had land which we used to farm on. The inequalities and poverty of today were created by the oppressors. They eat alone. We must not forget where we come from," he said.

Zuma further added that black people needed to stop fighting among themselves as that only pleased the white minority that still controls the economy of the country.

"Let's stop fighting amongst each other because we are pleasing the oppressors who still have control of the economy. The black nation must unite until the land is returned or poverty will not end," said Zuma.

He added that people had to learn the importance of casting their ballot. He said black people should take lessons from their white counterparts.

"The whites, as small as they are, they all vote. They vote because they know the importance of voting," he said.

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