DA launches another billboard, this time 'honouring' Mandela

2019-04-26 18:28
DA election poster
DA election poster using Mandela's name. (Ntwaagae Seleka, News24)

DA leader, Mmusi Maimane has once again challenged the ANC to a debate to discuss former statesman Nelson Mandela's legacy and values.

Maimane was speaking during the launch of a new billboard in Johannesburg on Friday.

The words "Honour Mandela's vision to build one South Africa for all" is emblazoned on the new billboard which hangs outside a building along Prichard Street in the Johannesburg CBD.

Addressing the media, Maimane said he was not worried whether the billboard will aggrieve the governing party. Instead the opposition party's leader challenged the ANC to a debate if they were pained by the advertisement. 

He said Mandela didn't belong only to the ANC but to all political parties and everyone in the country. 

"The ANC must provide proof that they have honoured Mandela's legacy. I don't think Mandela would have stood for state capture, or corruption. He would not have brought criminals to Parliament. No ways, I will sit today and say that (Mandela's) dream exists in the ANC. They must not show words, but actions that his legacy lives in the ANC," Maimane said. 

"I don't expect the ANC to come up with a complimentary message regarding the billboard. They must prove they are for all South Africans. They must come and debate," he added.

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Maimane said the billboard speaks about a South Africa for all and its values and principles achieved after 1994. 

"I feel that South Africans should not feel excluded in this country. As the DA, we are fighting for a united South Africa that doesn't exclude people for who they are. We refuse to allow racism and racial polarisation. We want South Africans to feel they are all South Africans.

"This should remind us of who we are with our values and to promote diversity and transformation. Mandela belonged to different parties. We will not let his values to disappear."

Maimane continued that in 1994, the ANC was led by a group of leaders who understood the struggle and stood united to work together rather than divide the country. After 1994, Mandela became the father of the nation and created a system where all races worked together.  

"As the DA, we say the solution for our problems in the country lies in all races. We must build an economy that includes everybody. If we want to build South Africa, we must create jobs for every family. We are going to have a land reform programme to include everybody. We are going to build an economy where small businesses thrive.

"We want all citizens to gain equity and participate in the economy. Let us build this country where all citizens gain equity and participate in the economy," he said.

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