LISTEN: I don't speak to Gupta agents - Shivambu to ANN7 reporter

2016-08-04 17:32
Floyd Shivambu (Amanda Khoza, News24)

Pretoria – Economic Freedom Fighters deputy president Floyd Shivambu on Thursday refused to be interviewed by an ANN7 reporter, telling her he did not respect "Gupta agents".

"You have no right to say that, sir. You are insulting us. We are just journalists trying to do our job. You may have a problem with the Guptas but we are just journalists, you have to respect us," the journalist, Kelden Ongmu, said to Shivambu.

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In reply Shivambu said he does not have to respect her as she is an agent. He said he would rather speak to people who are "major" - not her.

The confrontation took place on the floor of the IEC results centre in Pretoria as journalists made attempts to interview various politicians.

"You are a Gupta journalist, I have no respect for Gupta people and I don't have respect for the Gupta's. You are not a journalist, you are a Gupta agent. I have a right to say that. You're an agent of the Guptas. I would like to do an interview with people who are major and not you," said Shivambu.

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