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Vote count nears 70% with ANC leading the pack - AS IT HAPPENED

09-May-2019 21:09:00
IEC results centre

The vote counting process is continuing, follow this live update for all you need to know about elections results.


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09 May 22:48

As the second day of vote counting comes to a close, the ANC is still leading the race nationally, with over 50% of the votes. By 22:25 on Thursday evening, 67.54% of the votes had been captured, with the ANC building a healthy lead over its competitors, having amassed 56.76% of the vote.As the figures stand, the DA have 22.38% of the vote, similar to their final figure in the 2014 elections, where they gained 22.23% of the electorate.

The EFF have also grown their margins as the captured vote reached 70%, standing on 9.89% or just over one million votes nationwide.The FF Plus have over 270 000 votes in their favour, with 2.57% of the vote, already significantly bettering their final figure in the 2014 election, where they garnered 165 715 votes at final tally.

09 May 22:39
The Freedom Front Plus’ desk was still fully staffed late on Thursday, with party officials enjoying their bull run. The party already scored 110,000 more votes than in 2014. - Pieter du Toit
09 May 22:36
Late on Thursday night, the Purple Cows’ empty terminal at the national results centre stood as silent witness to the motley crew of podcasters and polemicists’ shattered dreams of parliamentary representation. The party is performing worse than the BLF. - Pieter du Toit
09 May 22:34
Tense time at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria, late on Thursday night...the IFP’s Mkhuleko Hlengwa seemed concerned about his party’s performance. The party looks set to become the official opposition in KZN. - Pieter du Toit
09 May 22:32

Snapshot of Gauteng as of 10:32pm

Total votes cast: 2 091 738

Results captured: 52.58 %

Voter turnout: 68.49 %

ANC: 50.92%

DA: 26.93%

EFF: 14.31%

FF Plus: 3.68%

IFP: 0.85%

09 May 22:17

Snapshot of NATIONAL results as at 22:03pm:

Total votes cast: 10 463 035

Results captured: 66.9 %

Voter turnout: 65.43 %

ANC – 56.70%

DA – 22.50 %

EFF – 9.85 %

FF Plus – 2.59 %

IFP – 2.77 % 

09 May 22:10

With political newcomers calling for a re-run of elections, claiming that the processes have not been free nor fair, the ANC believes that the elections have been above board, despite the glitches. 

On Thursday evening, a number of political parties aired their grievances at the IEC's results operation centre.

The list of disgruntled parties include the African Content Movement (ACM), International Revelation Party (IRC), Ecoforum, Christian Political Movement (CPM), Black First Land First (BLF), the Land Party, and the African Transformation Movement (ATM), among others.

The parties also threatened legal action and said they would be lodging official grievances with the IEC, over issues that arose at the voting stations, including allegations of people who managed to vote twice.

Speaking to News24 on Thursday evening, ANC head of elections Fikile Mbalula said the protests by smaller parties were a pity and unfortunate, adding that the disgruntled parties should have approached the IEC through the party liaison committee to air their grievances.

09 May 21:05

The IEC continue to say that the highest voter turnout was reported in GP with 71.88%, while the lowest was in Limpopo with 58.37%.

Provinces that have the most results still outstanding were KZN with 44.84%, Limpopo with 43.18%, Free State with 33.62% and Gauteng with 30.86%.

09 May 20:09

WATCH: News24 editors Pieter du Toit, Adriaan Basson, and analyst Ralph Mathekga unpack the elections results: 

"Elections are not won in the Twittersphere".

09 May 19:59

EXPLAINER: How your votes translate into seats

Now that you've cast your "X" on the ballot paper, this is how the IEC will determine how many people will represent you in Parliament and provincial legislatures. South Africa has a proportional system for national and provincial elections, which means we vote for parties and not candidates contesting a ward.

09 May 19:57

Is it time to overhaul the voting system?

Instead of having blind faith in the IEC and how it has been doing its work for the past 25 years, this election is showing us that we need to place it and the process of how we cast our ballots under increased scrutiny, writes Mandy Wiener.

09 May 19:56

Snapshot of Western Cape at 19:25

With 85,94% of the provincial votes counted:

DA 55,17%

ANC 28,79%

EFF 3,8%

GOOD 3,07%

ACDP 2,60%

FF Plus 1,74% - Jan Gerber

09 May 19:53

Snapshot of NATIONAL votes as at 7:44pm

Total votes cast: 9,488,823

Results captured: 60.93%

Voter turnout: 65.41%

ANC – 56.83%

DA – 22.53%EFF – 9.76%

FF Plus – 2.63%IFP – 2.62%

ACDP – 0.62%

GOOD – 0.56%

UDM – 0.56%

ATM – 0.48%

09 May 19:37

Patricia de Lille tells News24 that her party's main priorities for the coming Parliamentary term are fighting corruption, addressing problems with spatial planning, and advancing the interests of women.

09 May 19:33

Patricia de Lille tells News24 that the questions around the irregularities with voting will be a test of the IEC, which has had an unblemished reputation thus far.

"I trust that the IEC will investigate and come back to us. They have been very open and transparent so far," she said.  

09 May 19:24
WATCH: Patricia de Lille unpacks the election results
09 May 19:11
More small political parties complaining about the election:

Thuma Mina: Gauteng too close to call while the DA loses its grip

The titanic battle for control of Gauteng, the country's richest province, is too close to call, with the ANC hanging on to its majority by a whisker and the DA's poor showing nationally continuing at local level.

09 May 19:10

Thuma Mina: Gauteng too close to call while the DA loses its grip

The titanic battle for control of Gauteng, the country's richest province, is too close to call, with the ANC hanging on to its majority by a whisker and the DA's poor showing nationally continuing at local level.

09 May 19:09
Earlier this evening: 
09 May 19:08
09 May 19:07
09 May 19:07


A recap of this evening's events, when smaller parties called for an election rerun, from our reporter Azarrah Karrim: 

09 May 19:04

News24 political analyst Ralph Mathekga says the IEC must act speedily to clarify issues around alleged irregularities. This follows a call by smaller political parties for the election to be re-run because of alleged problems related to the elections. This includes allegations of double voting, which the IEC is investigating. 

Mathekga told News24: "The IEC must step up to clarify these issues. They need to establish the facts expeditiously so that you don't allow rumours to gather and gain momentum. I don't think we can say that the elections were rigged, but we also shouldn't dismiss the smaller parties just because they are small. But the IEC must expeditiously establish the facts about some of these things. We've had marginal problems during elections before but this year, with the proliferation of fake news and the impact of social media, is is critical that the IEC acts against misinformation." 

09 May 18:56
Dr Sipho Xipu, deputy president of Christian Political Movement told News24 that the playing field has not been level for smaller parties. He said it was a case of David versus Goliath. - Azarrah Karrim
09 May 18:37

Mzwanele Manyi says the smaller parties want a rerun of the elections. They say the process has bene so fraught with irregularities that it is no longer credible.

"Even if we got 0 votes, we’d accept the outcome if the process was credible. Right now we are giving legitimacy to a very fraught process. My finger is clean, yet I voted. I reported it but nothing gets done about it. We want an investigation and a re-run that will be done under clean governance," Manyi told News24.

09 May 18:11
09 May 18:07
JUST IN: Manyi says the smaller parties do not believe the elections have been fair.  
09 May 18:03
Smaller political parties have gathered at the front of the IEC's results centre, led by the ATM's Mzwanele Manyi. A few minutes ago, the parties held a caucus complaining about voting problems such as allegations of double voting. News24 was also informed that the parties want a small parties government grant as they feel that the playing field is not fair. 
09 May 17:40

Western Cape at 80, 87 % of votes counted at 17:26.

DA: 54,83;

ANC: 29,06%

EFF: 3,72%

GOOD: 3,1%

09 May 17:40

Snapshot of Gauteng at 17:22

1150 out of 2771 (41.5%) voting districts have been counted . 

ANC continues to lead with 51.80%

DA has 26.04%

EFF has 14.54% and;

VF plus has 3.54% 

09 May 17:40

Snapshot of NATIONAL at 17:17

Total votes cast: 8,107,397

ANC – 56.92%

DA – 22.66%

EFF – 9.62%

FF Plus – 2.68%

IFP – 2.46%

ACDP – 0.97%

GOOD – 0.59%

UDM – 0.57% 

09 May 17:39

Thuma Mina: Gauteng too close to call while the DA loses its grip

The titanic battle for control of Gauteng, the country’s richest province, is too close to call, with the ANC hanging on to its majority by a whisker and the DA’s poor showing nationally continuing at local level.

By late afternoon on Thursday News24’s projection for the province, based on the latest reliable and representative voting numbers, showed:

- ANC: 50,3%

- DA: 27,8%

- EFF: 14%

- Freedom Front Plus: 3,8%

- IFP: 0,8%.