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10-May-2019 07:00:00
IEC results centre

With official vote counting moving closer to its conclusion, ruling party ANC has already amassed a strong lead, with the DA trailing far behind and the EFF still fighting for relevance.

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All the latest news and analysis from the Electoral Commission of SA's national results centre in Pretoria. Watch live.

10 May 14:49
10 May 14:43
News24 elections analyst Dawie Scholtz' latest projections
10 May 14:40
Ace Magashule addresses the media: 
10 May 14:30
ANC secretary general ACE Magashule has arrived at the IEC's results centre Pretoria.  
10 May 14:26
ACM leader Hlaudi Motsoeneng has arrived at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria. Catch his interview on News24 at 15:20pm. 
10 May 14:12
Some elections analysis from News24 ed Adriaan Basson: 
10 May 14:09
10 May 14:09
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10 May 14:06
THREAD: Former DA strategist-turned-pollster Ryan Coetzee has tweeted a lengthy critique of the DA's campaign: 
10 May 14:04
WATCH: Smaller parties addressing the media earlier today:
10 May 14:00


With just 11 voting districts to be counted, we are expecting Mpumalanga's results to drop soon. Current predictions are that the ANC will win but with a significantly reduced majority. 

10 May 13:56
10 May 13:49

North West voting analysis: 

10 May 13:31

Snapshot of GAUTENG as of 1:26pm

ANC remains below 50% with 66.11% of the voting districts counted.

- DA: 28.25%

- EFF: 14.09%

- VF Plus: 3.89% 

10 May 13:29


Northern Cape counting complete - ANC wins the province with 57%.

The ANC in the Northern Cape has retained the province, claiming 57.5% of the vote following the capturing of all voting districts. This is down from the 64.4% the party received in 2014.

- The DA will be the official opposition, claiming over 100 000 votes, or 25.5%, up roughly 1.6% from its 2014 haul.The EFF grew significantly to claim 9.7% of the vote, a 4.75% increase.

- The Freedom Front Plus continued its improved showing with 2.68%. COPE was the biggest loser in the province, decreasing to 0.86% of the vote from the 3.6% it received in 2014. GOOD, the ACDP, COPE and the AIC all tracked below 1%, but above 0.5%.

10 May 13:16

News24 analyst Dawie Scholtz's polling model now puts the ANC at just over 50% in Gauteng: 

10 May 13:13

BREAKING: ANC takes the North West with 61.87% of the vote

- EFF is the official opposition with 18.64

- DA is at 11.18

- FF Plus 4.32% 

10 May 13:04
DA retains Western Cape. Without pronouncing the official results, Western Cape electoral officer Courtney Sampson on Friday morning said it can be safely assumed that the outcome of the provincial election is what is shown on the board, which had the DA at about 55%, followed by the ANC at 28,5% and the EFF at 4%. The official results will be announced by the IEC on Saturday. - Jan Gerber
10 May 12:59

JUST IN: 35 small parties who have over the past two days raised objections over alleged irregularities in the voting process, have accused the IEC of “ducking and diving”. 

The parties, led by COPE’s Dennis Bloem and secretary general of the African Content Movement Romeo Ramuada called on the international community and elections observers to take note of their concerns. The parties have taken a decision to go to court over the results, which they say are not true or correct, Ramuada said.  

Chief among their concerns raised by several party leaders is their own votes were not yet reflected in the results for the voting district they themselves voted in. They want the IEC to bring in an independent auditor – not linked to government - to review all the results. Concerns over the 20 people arrested for ‘double voting’ lead the smaller parties to believe the process cannot be fair. ‘The numbers on the board now don’t matter,’ Ramuada said. - Kyle Cowan

10 May 12:54

BREAKING: The DA has won the Western Cape; ANC takes the Northern Cape

10 May 12:50

Snapshot of NATIONAL at 12:32pm

Total votes cast: 13 734 254

Results captured: 83.81%

Voter turnout: 65.52%

ANC – 57.08%

DA – 21.55%

EFF – 10.14%

IFP – 3.37%

FF Plus – 2.44%

ACDP – 0.90%

UDM – 0.51%

ATM – 0.47%

GOOD – 0.46%

10 May 12:42


President Cyril Ramaphosa’s hometown of Soweto, Johannesburg, might have given the ANC its support, but has sent a warning to the party by rewarding the EFF. The ANC lost almost 6 percentage points between 2014 and 2019, with support declining from 76,2 and 70,3. Julius Malema’s EFF however jumped from 11,2% to 17,6%.

Counting in Gauteng is not yet done, as of 12:42pm, with the future of the province still in the balance. The latest numbers from the IEC put the ANC at below 50% support. News24’s election analyst Dawie Scholtz has projected that the governing party will hold on to Gauteng with a reduced majority of 50,35%. 

Of the outstanding votes, the greatest number include the province’s largest townships in Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni, where the ANC still dominates. According to News24’s analysis the ANC is largely holding steady around in and Johannesburg, with some losses similar to Soweto, and Ekurhuleni. In Tshwane the DA performed better than in other townships, with minor growth in Hammanskraal, Soshanguve and Ga-Rankuwa.

The EFF seems to be growing across the board, with doubling of support in Orange Farm (from 7,2% in 2014 to 14,7% in 2019), Soweto (11,2% to 17,6%), as well as big growth in Hammanskraal, Soshanguve and Ga-Rankuwa. – Pieter  du Toit 

10 May 12:22

How Ramaphoria is taking hold of the markets

Gains in South African assets Friday suggest investors like the picture emerging from election results. The rand advanced for a fourth day and yields on benchmark bonds saw their biggest drop in six weeks as the ANC headed for a victory margin that will strengthen President Cyril Ramaphosa's hand as he pursues reforms to revive a flagging economy.

10 May 12:20

Snapshot of GAUTENG at 12:10PM

- 62.83% of he voting districts have been counted. 

ANC support remains at below 50%. 

The DA is trailing behind them with 28.64%

The EFF is in the third spot with 13.85%

And the VF Plus continues to grow with 3.96%. - Canny Maphanga

10 May 12:19
At 12.08 around 13.4m votes have been counted, representing 83.4% of votes. This is around half of all registered voters. - Kyle Cowan
10 May 12:18

The ANC's Zizi Kodwa reacts to the ANC dropping beneath 50% this morning: 

(- Azarrah Karrim)

10 May 12:11
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10 May 12:04


Maimane will continue to lead the DA until 2021 - Athol Trollip

10 May 12:00

The media huddles around DA leader Mmusi Maimane at the IEC's results centre 

(PIC - Kyle Cowan)

10 May 11:52

WATCH LIVE: Mmusi Maimane addresses IEC results centre floor

DA leader Mmusi Maimane addresses the IEC results centre floor as final results stream in at the ROC in Pretoria. Watch live.

10 May 11:51

10 May 11:49
10 May 11:49

No evidence of double voting, says IEC

No evidence was found against those who were arrested for double voting in KwaZulu-Natal, Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo said on Friday. The commission has been plagued with several objections related to its voting process.

10 May 11:41

No evidence of double voting, says IEC

No evidence was found against those who were arrested for double voting in KwaZulu-Natal, Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo said on Friday. The commission has been plagued with several objections related to its voting process.

10 May 11:41

Rand on a roll as ANC takes pole position in SA election

The rand gained for a third day as the ANC appeared to be heading to a convincing win in the national elections, potentially strengthening President Cyril Ramaphosa's hand as he implements reforms to revive a flagging economy. With close to two-thirds of the ballots counted, the ANC had 56.8% of the vote, according to the Independent Electoral Commission's website.

10 May 11:29
10 May 11:28
10 May 11:26
10 May 11:16


ANC chair of the communications subcommittee Nkenke Kekana reacts to the ANC dropping below 50% in Gauteng: 

"We set some important objectives and here in Gauteng its been a very big election, a tough election but I am comfortable... With all the voting districts counted, we are confident that we will be able to once again govern Gauteng.

"We are on a recovery given the setbacks of 2016, we are happy that the people of Gauteng came out in large numbers, especially in our strongholds, they came out in their numbers to give us another chance to embark on a cleansing (process). The message is loud and clear, we’ll have to deal with issues such as corruption, improve service delivery and strengthen the capacity of government especially state-owned enterprises to support the objectives of a developmental state Economy has to perform much better than it is today, with a focus on supporting SMMEs which will create jobs."

He said the party was still expecting over a 1 million votes to come in. However, News24 elections analyst Dawie Scholtz says the number is closer to 800 000, as of Friday morning at 11:15am.


10 May 11:06

News24 can project that the ANC will win the majority of votes in KwaZulu-Natal, while shedding almost 11 percentage points in electoral support from 2014. Most of the ANC’s dropped votes have been picked-up by the EFF, that is projected to end on 9.2% of the provincial vote. 

According to News24's statistical model, based on available and representative results in KwaZulu-Natal:

- The ANC will hang onto its majority, but come in on a much lower total of 54.2%, down from the 65.3% the party achieve in the province in 2014;

- The IFP has made a massive comeback from their 2014 result, gaining almost seven percentage points, and is likely to gather 16.9% of the vote in the province.

The party has capitalised on the losses suffered by the National Freedom Party, that won over 7% of the provincial vote in 2014;

- The DA is projecting a result of 14%, slightly up from the 13.4% it achieved in 2014, and

- The EFF’s support in the province is likely to go up from 2% to 9.2%.The influence of former president Jacob Zuma, who took the ANC to unprecedented growth in KwaZulu-Natal, loomed large over the party’s campaign in the province.

Zuma appeared minimally on the ANC’s campaign trial, with some of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s supporters arguing that he was actually diminishing the ANC’s chances.