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#SAElections2019 - ANC, EFF and FF Plus are top Googled parties in SA in the last 24 hours

09-May-2019 07:30:00
IEC results centre

South Africans have had their say and the votes are being tallied up, with some provisional polling numbers already filtering through from what was deemed a peaceful day at the polls.


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09 May 17:32

JUST IN: Smaller parties are currently caucusing at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria. News24 understands that they intend to raise a number of concerns with the IEC, including concerns around the quality of the marking pens used and allegations around double voting. There is unhappiness amongst some parties about President Cyril Ramaphosa being accompanied to a voting station by a senior IEC official. There are also calls for a government grant to support smaller parties, who say the playing field is not level because of their resource constraints. - Azarrah Karrim

09 May 17:07

Markets are not expected to react too negatively if the election results are delayed by a sample vote audit. But the markets are not expected to respond well to indications that the election result as a whole is in question, an analyst says.

This follows an announcement by the IEC on Thursday that it will do an audit of a small sample of votes following allegations of double voting in some areas, and that this could lead to a delay in the release of the election results. Stanlib chief economist Kevin Ling told News24 on Thursday that the market’s reaction to the news was likely to be fairly muted, but this all depended on the nature of the delay is.

“If the delay is seen as a technical issue, I don’t expect the markets to react all that much because they’ve already got sight of what the final result looks like,” he said. Ling added that, as long as the delay is not expected to change the outcome materially, the market won’t be too concern.

But if the delay brings into question the actual results, or if a rerun of the election starts to look likely the markets would generally react negatively, he said. As long as there is a proper explanation from the IEC over the delay of the results and an assurance that the entire election is not being called into question, the market should be calm, he said. - Sarah Evans

09 May 16:38
Hlaudi Motsoeneng and Gayton McKenzie feature way, way down on the results table... 
09 May 16:36

It turns out the "NPA" on the ballot paper was a political party after all... Who knew?

09 May 16:35

THREAD: With all eyes turned towards the parties who are winning, News24's news editor Sheldon Morais takes a look at the worst performing parties so far. 

09 May 16:16
The IEC's results board:
09 May 16:14

If 'Spoilt Ballot' was a party, it would have been placing 6th so far

Whether by accident or design, South African voters spoilt enough ballots that could have won a party a healthy representation in Parliament if the trend continues until all the ballots are counted. At 14:30 on Thursday, 83 408 spoilt ballots were counted out of 6 209 463 ballots.

09 May 16:09

The FF Plus is the third most Googled party in SA in the last 24 hours, according to the search engine. The ANC, followed by the EFF are the first and second most Googled parties, similarly.

The top searched for candidate in South Africa in the last 24 hours is Julius Malema, followed by Cyril Ramaphosa. Mmusi Maimane is the next most searched for politician, and African Transformation President (ATP) Vuyo Zungula is in fourth place. South Africans are also hungry for results, and the ANC is the top searched party in SA in the last 24 hours. Other popular search items include how many votes get a seat in Parliament, who is the President of SA, and there is a lot of focus on the ANC itself, including questions about where it was formed, where to buy ANC clothing, and why did Malema leave the ANC. - Sheldon Morais

09 May 15:32
It is too early to tell what the outcome in Gauteng will be as only 970 of the 2771 (35.01%) voting districts have been counted  - Canny Maphanga
09 May 15:28

From Russia with disinformation? Election interference plot by Putin's man uncovered - reports

An alleged plot to interfere in the South African elections by a Russian businessman with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in order to give the ANC a boost at the polls, has been exposed.

09 May 15:25

Snapshot of Western Cape at 15:20pm - 

ANC – 29.42%

DA – 54.67%

EFF – 3.56%

FF Plus - 1.81%

IFP - 0.03%

ACDP – 2.49%

GOOD – 3.01% - Ethan van Diemen

09 May 15:06

19 arrested in KZN for 'double voting'

Nineteen people were arrested in three KwaZulu-Natal municipalities for "double voting", provincial Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) officials said on Thursday afternoon. The arrests were made in Port Shepstone, Hluhluwe and Danhauser, IEC deputy electoral officer Mawethu Mosery said. It was unclear whether a 20th person had also been arrested, with officials still confirming the latest arrest.

09 May 14:58


Analyst Melanie Verwoerd tells News24 that the IEC's credibility in the long run is likely to survive the hiccups it has experienced so far. 

09 May 14:34

Despite some hiccups, the IEC says the election is still credible and fair.

09 May 14:33
The IEC says it cannot verify reports that there were 19 arrests in KZN. 
09 May 14:26



The Electoral Commission will urgently conduct an audit of results and votes cast in a sample of voting stations to ascertain if double voting occurred.The audit will cover a statistically representative sample of voting stations as well as all voting stations where complaints or allegations of double voting have been received. The final number and selection of the sample will be determined in conjunction with expert statisticians.The process was endorsed by political parties in the party liaison committee today. The audit will involve the capture of information showing the ID numbers of voters who cast votes at each voting station from the “zip-zip” scanners and completed VEC 4 forms.This data will then be cross-referenced and compared to identify any instances of multiple voting to help establish scientifically whether such instances were isolated or systemic and what the material impact is, if any, to the results. In most voting districts the VEC 4 forms and the zip-zips have already been returned to local offices as part of the roll-back of materials following the conclusion of counting.The Electoral Commission has ordered the urgent docking of the zip-zip scanners to upload what information has been captured relating to voter participation. Additional resources will also be urgently identified and deployed from today to capture the information from the VEC 4 forms and zip-zips into spreadsheets to facilitate comparisons and data analysis.By law the Electoral Commission has seven days in which to announce the results of the elections and is confident this exercise will be completed in time to provide assurance of the integrity of the results within this period.The Electoral Commission is encouraged by the rapid arrest of four voters in KwaZulu-Natal in connection with alleged double voting. As noted yesterday, any attempt to vote more than once leaves a clear footprint in the electoral process and the suspects were tracked down using this information.The Electoral Commission has also ordered an investigation into the effectiveness of the indelible ink marker pens supplied for the elections. The investigation will be done in conjunction with the CSIR and with the full cooperation and support of the supplier.Approximately 200 000 pens were procured through the normal open tender process according to specifications set by the Electoral Commission. In an attempt to increase the effectiveness of the pens, the Electoral Commission had raised the percentage of silver nitrate from 15 percent used in previous elections to 20 percent.Meanwhile the results capture and verification process continues and the Electoral Commission gives its assurance to South Africa that it will only announce results for elections where it is 100 percent confident in the integrity and legitimacy of those results.The Commission calls on political parties, the media and all South Africans to show patience, calm and restraint as the process to ensure confidence is undertaken.


09 May 14:22
Just over 6 million votes have been counted so far - IEC 
09 May 14:20
The IEC says the audit is necessary assurance measure to scientifically verify how much double voting took place. 
09 May 14:18
The IEC is conducting an audit of the results votes casts in a sample of voting stations to see if double voting occurred. 
09 May 14:13
The IEC's Sy Mamabolo addressing the media at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria.
09 May 14:07

Four people have been arrested for allegedly double voting, the IEC says. 

09 May 14:03

These election fraud rumours have gone viral. What's really going on?

Business Insider debunks some of the worst elections rumours doing the rounds.

09 May 14:02

Status update for GAUTENG at 13:53PM:

Numbers remain relatively the same. 30.24% of VD are complete in the province. Election map shows that voting is not complete in the metros: Ekurhuleni, Tshwane & City of Joburg - Canny Maphanga

09 May 13:58
Police minister Bheki Cele chats to ANC national chairperson Gwede Mantashe.
09 May 13:39

Puppeteering: Chester Missing grills the DA's James Selfe at the IEC's results centre in Pretoria

09 May 13:35
News24 editors Adriaan Basson and Pieter du Toit getting ready to continue our live analysis later this afternoon. Stay tuned to our live blog for updates. 
09 May 13:30

Snapshot of Western Cape at 13:19pm with 54.4% of the votes counted:

ANC – 29.40%

DA – 54.80%

EFF – 3.44%

FF Plus - 1.85%

IFP - 0.12%

ACDP – 2.50%

GOOD – 2.95% - Ethan van Diemen

09 May 13:24
Calm before the storm? ANC deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte and ANC NEC member Nkenke Kekana share a quiet word at the IEC's national results centre in Pretoria. 
09 May 13:18

News24's elections analyst Dawie Scholtz is predicting that the ANC will win the Free State but with a significantly reduced majority. 

The ANC won the province with 69.7% in 2014, and is expected to get 61% in this election. 

Predictions for the other parties compared with 2014: 

DA: 16% (2014) – 18.5% (2019) 

EFF: 7.9% (2014) – 11% (2019)

FF Plus: 2.1% (2014) – 4.3% (2019)

The turnout differential is enormous, says Scholtz. In 2019, 80% of the suburbs turned out to vote compared with 59% of the townships. It seems as though the ANC lost some of the black vote which went to the EFF. The EFF’s share of the black vote increased from 8.8% in 2014 to 13% in 2019. Meanwhile, the DA lost a significant chunk of the suburban vote to the FF Plus, which got 19% of the suburban vote.

09 May 12:56

While the "centrst" DA and ANC still take the lion's share of the vote, the growth of parties such as the FF Plus and the EFF shows that we moving further and further away from the centre, says analyst Ralph Mathekga. Society has rejected radicalism at the centre of our politics, but we have said that we still want it in our politics, he says.

Follow our live analysis:

09 May 12:51

Our elections analysts are discussing the fate of the parties on our live video stream with editor Adriaan Basson. Analyst Ralph Mathekga asks that if the the DA cannot grow now, after nine years of Zuma’s presidency, when will it be able to grow?

“The challenge for the DA is having to reflect soberly after this: they could not even handle some of the major policy questions going into the elections... “ he says. Mathekga says the DA has positioned itself in relation to the ANC but has not been able to oppose President Cyril Ramaphosa in any meaningful way. He says there are other opposition parties that are laughing at the DA.

Watch here:

09 May 12:35
Zanele Lwana, Deputy President of Black First Land First, says the party will continue to fight even if they are not represented in Parliament. Lwana says the party has lead a just campaign despite limited resources and white monopoly capital. He says that the party will learn from this election to do better in the next one. - Azarrah Karrim
09 May 12:30

Snapshot of NATIONAL results as at 12:21pm:

Total votes cast: 5 134 752

Voter turnout: 65.44%

Voting districts completed: 36.55%

ANC – 55.86%

DA – 24.83%

EFF – 8.88%

FF Plus – 2.96%

IFP – 1.78%

ACDP – 1.04%

GOOD – 0.27% 

Sheldon Morais

09 May 12:04

#SAElections2019 :


24.97% of the provincial votes have been counted & the top three parties remain the same : 

ANC still leads with 433 677 (51.07%)

DA has 230 872 (27.19%)

EFF has 118 503 (13.96%) - Canny Maphanga

09 May 11:41
09 May 11:39
"I am quite encouraged by the results I am seeing so far particularly in the townships in the province, especially in cases like Kwa Thema where we have doubled our vote since the previous elections," says Ashor Sarupen, the DA's statistics guru. - Canny Maphanga
09 May 11:38

ANC still 'confident' as it takes control in KZN, but down 9% in early results

The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal says it is feeling confident of the work they've put in, as the party takes a firm lead in the province despite a 9% drop in early results.

By 10:00 the ANC was in the lead with 164 558 votes, with the IFP in second at 58 339 and the DA in third place with 34 758, with 15% of the votes in thus far.

This equated to 56% for the ANC, down from the 65% it received in 2014. The IFP currently sits on 18%, up from the 10% it received in 2014, while the DA has decreased slightly to 12.5% from 13.3% in 2014.

ANC spokesperson Nomagugu Simelane-Zulu said the ANC would have a pivotal role to play at a national level. "Statistics show we are a bigger province than Gauteng and will therefore contribute to national numbers and politics. That is why we work so hard as a province. We make sure we don't let the ANC down in rest of the country and retain the province," says Simelane-Zulu. - Kaveel Singh.

Read the full story soon on News24.

09 May 11:35
09 May 11:34


ANC Western Cape head of elections, Ebrahim Rasool, says 2004 taught him to not "make predictions too early" and that he is "reluctant to make undue predictions". The ANC lost control of the province in 2009, and hasn't been able to come close to reclaim it. 

09 May 11:05


21.91% of the provincial votes have been counted

ANC leads with 364 232 (50.66%)

DA has 197 580 (27.48%)

EFF has 99 413 (13.83%)

FF Plus has 26 673 (3.71%)

09 May 11:01
IFP MPL in KZN Les Govender says they are expecting high numbers with the majority of IFP strongholds yet to be counted. - Kaveel Singh
09 May 11:00
DA KZN leader Zwakele Mncwago says the IFP second place is not indicative of actual numbers. He feels the DA will pass them by the end of the day. - Kaveel Singh
09 May 11:00
ANC KZN spokesperson Nomagugu Simelane-Zulu says they are confident of a win. - Kaveel Singh
09 May 10:59

KwaZulu-Natal has traditionally been an ANC stronghold, but early indications are that the party is under pressure to keep its majority.

News24 earlier reported that ANC support in its base along the south coast has receded, with turnout among its black voters dropping from 85% to 75%, and showing similar levels of decline in the IFP dominated northern parts of the province.

09 May 10:48
South Africa seems to be SO OVER this election campaign. CNN's David McKenzie spotted some posters being taken down the day after voting.
09 May 10:46

Lots of water still to run out from the Orange River at at Port Nolloth, yes, but Hlaudi Motsoeneng is going to have to hope his supporters' surge is still coming, 'cause it ain't looking good for the ACM at the moment. Yet to break the magical 1000 vote mark.

News24's Riaan Grobler reports that Motsoeneng, the scourge of the SABC, will struggle win a seat in parliament.  This, despite the former SABC COO's belief that he is the "best leader in South Africa". 

09 May 10:40
Andile Mngxitama's BLF, struggling to make impact, now starting to comment on the election campaign and their alleged constraints.
09 May 10:31

Snapshot of NATIONAL at 10:28am

Total votes cast: 4 019 545

Voter turnout: 65.25%

Voting districts completed: 30.11%

ANC – 54.77%

DA – 26.12%

EFF – 8.42%

FF Plus - 3.15%

IFP - 1.68%ACDP – 1.10%

GOOD – 0.74%

09 May 10:24
The ZACP or Purple Cows’ work station on the national results centre floor was empty on Thursday morning, while ANC officials were gathering to follow the results in realtime.
09 May 10:24
Telling a story... by 10am on Thursday morning, the ANC had a comfortable lead of 2m over the DA’s 1m and the EFF on 334 095. Smaller entrants like the BLF and the ZACP are struggling to make an impact and break the 5 000 mark.