My vote is no secret – Zuma

2016-03-05 13:54
jacob zuma
(Amanda Khoza, News24)

Nkandla – President Jacob Zuma on Saturday said his vote was not a secret. Zuma addressed the media at Ntolwane Primary School shortly after checking for his name on the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) voters' roll.

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He was accompanied by his wife Tobeka Madiba Zuma and their 8 year-old daughter, Nqobile. 

Zuma said he checked for his name at Ntolwane where he votes. 

Unlike 2013 when one of Zuma's daughters, Msholozi, was not on the voters roll, Zuma said everything went well and there were no glitches in the process. 

"I've checked and I am happy. I would suggest that all citizens do the same and not take it for granted that their names are there. 

"It's always good to check and be certain so that on the day of voting they don't get surprised." 

Vote would count

He said because his name was on the voters' roll, he was sure his vote would count. 

"My vote is no secret, I vote for the ANC; even if I showed you all before casting my ballot, it does not matter. This is all just a formality," he quipped. 

Zuma said the local government elections were important. "We have three tiers of government, local, provincial and national. Things happen at municipal level. That's where delivery takes place and that is where people are."

Zuma said municipalities were important because they dealt with people's daily lives. 

"You need to put the party you want in charge so that it can deliver what needs to be delivered. You also need to make sure that the right councillor is elected," he said.

Elections crucial

"You need to make sure that the person you vote for is the person you want, that's why these elections are crucial."

After addressing the media Zuma went to inspect the ANC ten erected outside the station. 

He spoke to some of his supporters asking them if people were coming out in numbers to register. "Are people excited and energetic?," he asked, chuckling. 

His son, Edward, joked that the president should shake the hands of three supporters wearing IFP shirts, who were standing not too far from Zuma. 

Edward said, "It's cold outside the ANC." 

Zuma laughed and said, "That's true. There's only one home and that's the ANC."

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