SEE: ANC's billboard boo-boo in PE has people in stitches

2019-04-16 13:21
ANC billboard blunder in PE
ANC billboard blunder in PE. (Supplied via Twitter)

Note: This story has since developed, with the ANC commenting on the spelling error. Read more here:

Billboard boo-boo 'minor', removing it will 'kill campaign of the opposition' - ANC

An ANC election billboard in Port Elizabeth has the Twitter streets crying for a proofreader.

YouTuber and DA councillor Renaldo Gouws, on Monday evening, spotted a visible error on one of the African National Congress's election billboards in PE.

UPDATE: Billboard boo-boo 'minor', 'human error' - ANC

For weeks now, Cyril Ramaphosa's smiling face has greeted South Africans across the country, urging citizens to vote for the ANC and "let's grow South Africa together".

In Port Elizabeth, however, the president has instead, according to one billboard, called on  citizens to "let's grow South Africa togher".

News24 could not independently verify whether autocorrect was offline during the design process, or if the ANC didn't order enough giant black Ts and Es.

What we do know is that, according to Gouws, "many of these have popped up around Nelson Mandela Bay today".

Another Twitter user pointed out that this may, in fact, be an attempt to elicit the support of the Irish base on the fact that 'Togher' is a suburb in the Irish city of Cork.

Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Mongameli Bobani added his two cents on the gaffe, tweeting in response to a post by AlgoaFM that they "wanna fix #NMBCoalition but can't even fix the spelling. #HolaMatamela"

This is not the first time the governing party has had a run-in with the dictionary.

In 2018, the ANC had trouble with their caterers for their 108th birthday celebration, with the spelling and presentation of its celebratory cakes leaving much to be desired. 

The blunder comes three weeks before South Africans head to the polls on May 8.

The ANC responded to the gaffe on Tuesday, which can be read below:

READ: Billboard boo-boo 'minor', 'human error' - ANC

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