We don't burn tyres here - Mtunzini councillor

2016-07-21 10:33
James Ndlovu and his wife Nomusa have been selling fruit to make a living and support their five children.

Mtunzini - The ward councillor for the coastal hamlet of Mtunzini said that having no disruptions and service delivery protests is the hallmark of a community bound by goodwill.

The IFP's Keith Powell, who has been the incumbent ward councillor for 15 years and has lived in Mtunzini his entire life, said that the lack of unrest bodes well for business.

"This is a happy community. There is a lot of support where it's needed. We haven't had in this town any marches or burning of tyres and disruptions that goes on generally. We just don't have that here and I feel privileged to stay here," he said.

Mtunzini's IFP councillor Keith Powell. (Jeff Wicks, News24)

"I try and put back what I get out of it, I have lived here my whole life and it means a lot to me."

"We are passing in the region of R4m worth of new building plans a month for a small town," Powell said.

Powell said that the village had a lot to boast about.

"This is a very vibrant town with an extremely active residents association and they have their finger on the pulse of everything.

'Sometimes it's hard'

"We have an extremely active interest in tourism being on the coast and with a nature reserve on our doorstep and on Easter Weekend you won't find parking here," he said.

An informal trader trying to stake his claim in the village's prosperity to feed his family is 64-year-old banana vendor James Ndlovu.

Ndlovu and his wife Nomusa sell fruit from under a rickety corrugated iron awning on the outskirts of Mtunzini.

"I am not working and for many years I have been doing this for my family. I have five children, Ndlovu said.

"Sometimes we do well and sometimes it is hard because you never know what you are going to make in a day. But we are lucky to be here, sometimes we can even make R500 selling what we have," he added.

"I will vote in the elections, hopefully things can get better for everyone," Ndlovu added. 

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