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2019-04-16 12:52
ACM leader Hlaudi Motsoeneng in August 2017. (File, City Press)

LEADER: Hlaudi Motsoeneng

OTHER SIGNIFICANT FIGURES: Bongani Xaba, Nhlanhla Mthembu, Ntate C. Mahlangu, Emmah Motlhola

PREVIOUS ELECTION RESULT: The party launched in 2019.


No more social grants – in what Motsoeneng says is a country with citizens who always ask what can be done for them, instead of what they can do for themselves, the ACM says people need opportunities, not grants.

Give land for free – the party believes that people without land deserve to be given access to it. It says government should buy land from current owners and distribute it for free to those who will use it and contribute to the economy.

6-month maintenance plan – in order to maintain ageing infrastructure, the party says the country needs to have a solid budget. Motsoeneng insists that his party can do this in six months.

Change of economic regulation – Motsoeneng believes that the economy and mining sector are not in the hands of South Africans, saying his government will look into changing the laws to prevent this in future, and that black South Africans should own 90% of the economy.

Tertiary education – Motsoeneng says the party has an entirely new way of dealing with higher education. He says the country should produce graduates in relation to the demand for that profession in the economy, which will guarantee that all graduates are employed. He adds that higher education must provide six months of theory and six months of practical work in order to suit the needs of the workplace.

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- Motsoeneng’s credibility is questionable, since he was found guilty of bringing the SABC into disrepute, and removed as COO after he was found to have lied about his qualifications. He has also, in the past, insisted that it is his way or the highway, saying democracy is limited in his party.

- The party could be way in over its head, as its resources to campaign for the upcoming elections seem scant. Low-quality videos of Motsoeneng addressing followers under trees appear on the party’s Twitter page and their website service has already been suspended.

- As the leader of ACM, it is hard to take Motsoeneng seriously. He regularly talks about himself in the third person, expresses Trumpian rhetoric and sounds slightly removed from reality.

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