African Transformation Movement

2019-04-16 12:52
African Transformation Movement President Vuyolwethu Zungula, newly joined NEC member Mzwanele Manyi and secretary general Thandisizwe Khukula during a media briefing annoucing that Manyi would be joining the party. (File, Juniour Khumalo/City Press)

LEADER: Vuyolwethu Zungula

OTHER SIGNIFICANT FIGURES: Thandiswa Linnen Marawu, Nomagubevu Emma Mbali, Malefetsane Aubrey Katsana, Mandlenkosi Nelson, Mandisi Sigcau.

PREVIOUS ELECTION RESULT: The party was founded in 2018.


Inclusive economic growth – the ATM believes that people, mainly in rural areas, should have access to affordable and quality financial services which can reduce poverty and inequality through micro and macroeconomic growth. The party is committed to economic growth that includes environmental, economic and social objectives.

Public and basic services are not a favour – the party firmly believes that this is a democratic right which they will respect. ATM therefore seeks to set a “realistic” target to eradicate informal settlements and ensure South Africans have decent housing, as well as address the backlog in housing and basic services.

Land belongs to traditional leaders – the ATM recognises the role and value of chiefs and kings in society. The party declares that the land belongs to them and land reform should ensure they get the land back. ATM also wants recognition, respect and support for all religious formations and traditional leadership.

Empower communities – the party says the current police system does not bring any hope for victims of assault and rape. The party aims to educate communities towards a law-abiding culture, train police to combat organised crime, and eradicate crimes against women and children.

Death penalty – the party wants to address the current prison system by ensuring that soft crime offenders are not mixed with hardcore criminals, review the current parole system and deny bail for serious crimes. The party also wants to bring back capital punishment for repeat offences of murder and rape.

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- The party's insistence that religion and politics go together might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some also see its decision to support traditional leaders, declaring that all land belongs to them, as problematic. Often, traditional leaders are the reason why people suffer, because of their belief that they have sole claim over the land.

- Internal battles already plague the party, with a breakaway faction, called the African Transformation Congress, vowing to deregister the party just before elections. The party will need to effectively deal with the feud if it wants to be serious about gaining seats in Parliament in its very first election.

- The role of people like Mzwanele Manyi further fuels claims that it’s a Zuma inspired structure aimed at reducing the ANC’s performance at the May polls.

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