Capitalist Party of South Africa

2019-04-16 12:52

LEADERS: This party has ten founders – Kanthan Pillay, Roman Cabanac, Neo Kuaho, Gideon Joubert, Unathi Kwaza, Duncan McLeod, Sindile Vabaza, Louis Nel, Katlego Mabusela and Dumo Denga.

PREVIOUS ELECTION RESULT: The party was only founded in 2019.


Amending colonial-era laws – instead of shipping off valuable mineral wealth, like diamonds and gold, the party says South Africa should create its own jewelry. If elected, the party will advocate for a change in law to accommodate this.

Simply fix the economy – the party’s core proposal to fix the economy is a Negative Income Tax to create a single tax system that pays for government and creates a minimum wage for all.

Arm women – the party has lamented the ineffectiveness of government efforts to stamp out gender-based violence. The party says women and young girls should be trained in self-defence and armed to protect themselves.

Free market without interference – trade, according to the party, whether on a local or international scale, should be for enlightened self-interest. It believes that the state should not tell people where to work, how to save, what to build, or what to produce. Without government intervention, there will be an increase in prosperity and a decrease in poverty.


- While it proudly and boldly declares that none of its members are politicians, the “Purple Cows” will be on the backfoot in Parliament, regardless of how refreshing their contributions are in the National Assembly.

- Its “manifesto” or 10-point plan is a weak declaration of how it will implement these changes, leaving everything up to “changing the law”.

- The party seems to negate the long historical determinacies that plague South Africa today and has overstated the role of capitalism in the country.

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