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The tdglobal Data Management Solutions (DMS) for Microsoft Azure provides a cost-effective and scalable data management platform to enable your Cloud Migration Journey. 

With our Cloud Solutions and Managed Services, organizations can easily deliver trusted business data from on-premise and cloud sources into multiple Azure services. Customers can move faster to achieve business results across the entire breadth of Azure services including analytics, computing, database and storage.


Data-driven digital transformation requires the ability to deliver trustworthy insights faster than your competition. Cloud data warehouses offer increased agility, but at the cost of increased data management complexity.

Your business requires relevant insights from across the organization - whether it’s related to new products, fraud detection, optimal pricing, or maximizing customer loyalty. A cloud data warehouse delivers agility, standing up in minutes rather than quarters, and can be scaled up or down as required.

However, a cloud data warehouse requires timely and trusted data to deliver results that your management can depend upon for critical decisions and interactions. What is required is a cloud data management solution that can manage the challenges of data volume, complexity, security, trust, and velocity so that you can enable your business analysts to focus less on data preparation and more on delivering breakthrough insights.

Your Azure solution should also include critical data management capabilities such as:

  • Data Quality,
  • Master Data Management,
  • Data Governance and
  • Data Privacy.

It also must have the capability to integrate and manage data on-premises, in multiple clouds, hybrid, and big data anywhere.

Simply moving data without ensuring data quality, data governance and data privacy will not meet your business analytics requirements today.


A Cloud Data Management Solution That Starts Small and Grows at Your Pace

You need to stand up a new cloud data warehouse. The business demands it now. You probably have a data management architecture in mind, but do not have time to implement all of that in Phase 1 of this initiative.

Solution: You need a cloud data management solution that will enable you to start small, show results quickly and scale with your needs. Often the focus will be on data integration initially. The cloud data management solution you chose must enable you to add new data management capabilities without disruption to your current environment.

  • tdglobal understand organizations’ requirement for a cloud data warehouse but the insights are only as good as the data it is built on.
  • tdglobal can assist organizations to understand their data as well as meet the challenges with governance standards, facilitate change programs, monitor compliance while delivering trusted, relevant data so all projects and initiatives meet your business objectives.
  • tdglobal can assist in understanding your organization’s current data governance landscape as well as the areas that require attention.
  • tdglobal can assist your organization to discover the data, catalog the various systems, understand the data flow through lineage, establish a data quality program, implement stewardship, and develop a plan to implement data governance by using our Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure. 


1) Start with Data Discovery

Your first step is to find and migrate all the relevant data to the new cloud data warehouse so that it can generate the reports and insights required. More than half the battle will be in simply discovering what data you have across the organization that might be relevant or useful. Is there data in another cloud application such as Salesforce that would be useful? Is there something that only exists on a spreadsheet on OneDrive that is relevant?

Solution: We provide a new breed of enterprise data cataloging technology that can make this part of the process far easier and less time-consuming.

We enable both non-technical business users and IT professionals to work together to find data and establish a common understanding of its business context and meaning. We provide an enterprise data catalog that can enable discovery of any data anywhere in the organization, not just big data or cloud data.

2) Enable Innovation While Supporting Data

Organizations need to implement data governance standards, facilitate change programs, monitor compliance while delivering trusted, relevant data so all projects and initiatives meet your business objectives. Finding and fixing quality issues in your data can mean the difference between business initiative success and failure.

Solution: Enterprise data is a strategic asset that organizations can leverage to innovate.

The data that organizations derive actionable insights from needs to meet stringent quality requirements. And, with the myriad of regulatory requirements, legal requirements, and business best practices, organizations need robust tools and processes that govern the data that gets stored and analyzed.

3) Have a Plan for Your Cloud Data Warehouse to Scale

The data in your cloud data warehouse will come from a rapidly-expanding array of sources, each of which has its own data models and format. Internally the potential data sources include applications hosted on public clouds like Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, private and hybrid cloud, on-premises servers, local files, Internet of Things and machine data. Externally, data may also be coming from sources such as partner systems or services or B2B interactions. Extracting meaningful insights from the varied and fragmented sources comprehensive connectivity capabilities. Connecting and integrating data across different sources is critical to an efficient analytics project.

Solution: We are able to connect with any data source - on-premise, multi-cloud, hybrid, and big data or streaming data. It is simple and non-disruptive to add a new data source even if it requires an entirely new data integration pattern.

4) Empower stakeholders to maximize productivity

Business Users and Developers are constantly asked to “do more with less” and solve data challenges faster. But defaulting to hand-coded “point-to-point” solutions or traditional data integration strategies used for on-premises relational databases won’t work for cloud, if you plan on gathering, storing, syncing, and integrating different data types from varying sources.

Solution: We provide a cloud data management solution designed with business user and developer productivity in mind. It should have a consistent user interface for every function, including data integration, data quality, data governance, master data management and data privacy.

To shorten the learning curve, we have an intuitive, graphical, zero-code development environment with reusable data management logic and assets.

To accelerate developer productivity even more, our platform is modular, powered by artificial intelligence/machine learning that can:

  • Recommend relevant data sets based on the current activities of users
  • Recommend and implement data prep steps intelligently
  • Automatically tag data based on previous user behavior
  • Onboard unstructured data while automatically discovering the data structure
  • Intelligently identify sensitive and personally identifying data
  • Automatically identify and recommend how to integrate new data types


When you're ready to start your data warehouse, look at tdglobal’s Data Management Solution (DMS) for Microsoft Azure to fuel it. Below are some important attributes to ensure that you can deliver the trusted and timely data the business requires to deliver rapid insights. Your cloud data management solution will be able to support:

  • Growth. Start small and grow the capabilities - as well as data volumes and sources - at your pace and with no disruption.
  • Agility. Accommodate data sources from existing on-premises systems, multiple clouds, big data, streaming data and partners.
  • Flexibility. Support multiple integration patterns in order to integrate many different data types with different SLA (service level agreement) requirements.
  • Productivity. Enable both technical and business users to be productive with a zero-coding environment that features AI/ML powered intelligence to boost productivity.
  • Connectivity. Manage any data, support any integration pattern and enable you to meet the requirements of your business counterparts.
  • Trust. Ensure all data is of high quality, has been mastered to ensure a trusted, authoritative view, and is properly governed and protected.

Call to Market

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Established in 1991 tdglobal ranks among the top experts in their field, having taken clients through the data journey from the days of data warehousing to digitization.

A potent mix of ingenuity and expertise makes the tdglobal offering one that large corporates have trusted for unrivalled service, best of breed technology solutions and a team that builds a unique relationship with each client.

Our function is not to sell you a product, but to bring you a solution; test it in the environment in which it must work; and ensure a “how can we help you” approach to every requirement you have. There’s no “drop off the box” option with tdglobal; our focus is not on the next order, but on ensuring our clients get the full advantage of 26 years of unlocking value from data.

Quality data is good business. tdglobal’s success lies in your organization’s relevance, agility and ability to thrive in a digital environment.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a petabyte scale elastic data warehouse-as-a-service with full enterprise class SQL Server features that works seamlessly with Power BI, Machine Learning, HD Insight and Data Factory.

tdglobal’s Data Management Solutions for Microsoft Azure for SQL Data Warehouse is a native high-volume data connector that enables quick and easy petabyte scale data integration from any cloud or on-premise sources.

Using our solution, you can quickly get started with cloud data warehousing projects of any size or complexity and unlock key business insights from Azure.

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is a relational database service in the cloud with built-in mission-critical capabilities that deliver predictable performance, scalability, business continuity, data protection, and near-zero administration to cloud developers and solution architects.

tdglobal’s Data Management Solutions for Microsoft Azure enables you to easily transfer data in and out of Microsoft SQL Database by connecting it to any cloud or on-premise application. The Cloud SQL Database Connector supports data synchronization and replication, which delivers data from multiple sources for business analysis in real time while the source systems continue to operate without interruption.

Azure Storage

Azure Storage is a cost-effective, highly reliable cloud storage service designed to easily scale to manage petabytes of data. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio gives you best-in-class algorithms for R and Python custom code. Azure HDInsight lets you process unstructured or semi-structured data from web, social media, logs, devices, and sensors using Hadoop, HBase, or, for real-time use cases, Storm.

tdglobal’s Data Management Solutions for Microsoft Azure Storage enables loading of large and diverse datasets into Azure Blobs for Azure Machine Learning consumption, Azure HDInsight processing and Azure Data Factory data pipelining.

First Distribution

About First Distribution

First Distribution is the leading value-added distributor in Africa. Our offering includes a product portfolio of global leading Datacentre, Cloud, Networking and Security products and services. This embraces hybrid solutions with access to any combination of on-premise, private cloud and public cloud end-to-end solutions from multiple vendors. The portfolio, together with highly skilled staff to support and manage vendors with an unrivaled level of expertise, ensures that our partners have the key elements required for success. First Distribution additionally hosts one of the largest technology partner-to-partner networks in Africa allowing partners to extend the reach of their solutions across the continent

“First Distribution focuses on helping the channel grow their cloud practices by utilising next-level technologies and hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure,” explains Natasha Bezuidenhout, Microsoft Executive at First Distribution. “The support we offer our partners is therefore positioned at driving Azure consumption through software that can be delivered with scale, agility and rightsizing the underlying platform aligned to their customer requirements.”  

This post anc content is sponsored, written and provided by tdglobal.

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