The 10-step detox eating plan

There have been many debates on whether detox diets are healthy or harmful. However, if done responsibly, the all-natural route could be just the solution you need.

Here are some pointers to help kick-start your body. You will not only feel more energised, you could  also lose some weight in the process. 

Pre- and probiotic.Take a daily prebiotic and probiotic to help restore the balance of good bacteria in the colon. 

Drink more water. Increase water intake to flush out toxins and prevent constipation

Less is more. Cut out caffeine, alcohol and smoking and try to minimise your intake of sugar, salt, wheat, dairy, meat and processed foods for a few days.

Cleanse your colon. Include bentonite clay and psyllium husk in the diet to absorb toxins and to help scrape the colon clean, naturally. 

A green cup of tea. Consume more herbal teas for healing energy and antioxidant power. 

Veggie juice. Drink 1-2 glasses of raw vegetable juice daily. This is to introduce live enzymes into your body to help enhance and nourish your cells. You can accomplish your daily veggie quota by juicing your vegetables. The nutrients in the veggies are also preserved, because you are drinking them raw. Veggie juice also boosts the immune system and helps to eliminate sugar cravings

Nature’s treats. Eat a diet of only natural, non-processed foods, always asking yourself the question, “Is this from a tree or a factory?” Stick to as many raw food options as possible. 

Shake-shake. Include a shake or a smoothie once a day made up of superfoods – ingredients with amazing immune boosting and anti-ageing properties. 

Go organic. Choose organic foods over regular foods to prevent ingesting hormones, insecticides, pesticides and antibiotics that are often found in mass-produced.

Replacements. Substitute certain foods with healthier alternatives.

Here are some substitutes for common products that could shatter your weigh loss goals: 



Sugar, fructose, sweetener


Breads/ pastas

Rye bread, brown/basmati rice, potatoes, corn, legumes, barley

Red meat

Chicken, fish, legumes, nuts, soya

Chocolate, cake, brownies, biscuits

Carob truffles


Red wine only (140 ml a day)

Concentrated fruit juice

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice

Refined cereals/ Porridges

Raw organic oats/ high fibrecereal, (such as All-Bran flakes and homemade granola)


Rice milk or quinoa milk


Fresh herbs, chillies, garlic and ginger

Cooked vegetables

Raw vegetables

Sunflower, canola oil

Raw olive oil/ coconut oil


Goji berries, fruit, raw dates


Hummus/ fresh guacamole/ seed butter nut butter

Tea/ coffee

Green tea/ rooibos tea/ herbal tea

(Adapted from the book No fries on us - cutting Darren Scott down to size by Darren Scott, Lisa Raleigh and Dan Nicholl. Get your copy here.)

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(Important notice: Health24 recommends that you see your doctor before you start any diet. This is especially important if you have a medical condition. Do not follow a strict detox diet for longer than 7 days.) 

- (Zaakirah Rossier, Health24, updated November 2011)
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