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09 Feb 2006

Low blood pressure
Please could you assist me .... I have a husband who has high blood pressure and this is being monitored daily. I have always known I have low blood pressure but over the past two weeks as I have been monitoring my husband's blood pressure I thought it would be interesting to check mine. I am now rather concerned and have made an appointment to see my local gp.... but the readings have been 97/69; 94/68; 96/76 and pulse rate randing between 54 and 69. I do not exercise that much but do try to eat properly which I feel I am about 80% correct. I am a blood donor so I am not anemic but do wake up feeling tired on a daily basis.

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01 Jan 0001

Dear Mel,

Yes, your BP could well be the cause of your tiredness, although there are usually other lifestyle factors at play as well. eg. how much sleep you get, and how much exercise you get. Also, in the heat, your BP will drop considerably. Another possible cause is thyroid dysfunction – all of these things can be checked by your GP.

Try having a strong cup of coffee, and then take your BP again. Or exercise gently for a bit, then take your BP as you end the exercise. As long as your BP does rise with exercise and then settle again (just as your pulse rate should do) then there is not likely to be much wrong with you.

Remember that it is the high BP which is dangerous, not low BP : that is a nuisance more than anything else, but not dangerous. Caffeine-containing substances can boost BP temporarily, and may make you feel a bit more alert, but don’t go on a coffee binge, or start taking caffeine tablets on a regular basis. If you can cope as you are, but perhaps deal with any underlying problems your GP may detect, then it may be better than swopping harmless but a nuisance low BP for a high BP with all its dangers.

Good luck.

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