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22 Oct 2006

Doc, I have family with a HIV + son. He has developed full blown AIDS, and was hospitalized for 4 months due to TB. He has the sores over his body, but has now recuperated to such an extend that he can go back to work. He is in this late 20’s. He still from time to time has the sores. He still engages in sexual behavior and I don’t know how many people he has infected. Now this family has small children and a baby of ± 18 months. He now picks the baby up, kisses the child, and like any baby, the baby touches these sores. He has them quite a lot on his hands. Now the baby has a rash on his body. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but I just can’t stand him touching the baby. I am so scared that the baby can contract HIV through his sores and the rash on the baby’s skin. We as the family are not supposed to know he has AIDS as the family is very secretive. Not even his own father knows that he has AIDS, although they stay in the same house. He also touches food with these open sores, and I dare to say that I want to run away when just thinking about him and the sores! It is not the baby’s fault that he has AIDS. Can the baby get TB from him? Can he make this baby ill? He has plans to marry a gay lady (he is gay himself), because she wants a child. This is just so preposterous to think of. Am I going mad, or everyone around me? I am so scared this innocent baby contracts some or other illness. Is he under any obligation to ensure that he does not pass any illness over to this child? I am going out of my mind!! Please advise me on this. He is going about his business clearly not thinking about anyone around him and I can’t stand it. I know you can’t get it from saliva, but hell, can’t he think that he can offend anyone, after all what happened to manners? I really don;t want to eat the food he touches!
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Crazy
It is highly unlikely that he will transmit HIV by kissing the child, but the open sores are risky to the baby. If he is on treatment for the TB he won't infect the baby. He also should not handle food with sores on his hands ( even if you don't have HIV you should not) You don't have to make this an AIDS issue - you can just say that you feel it is dangerous to work with food with open sores on the hands as germs may be spread and that he should cover the sores before handling the child. Unfortunately he needs to take the responsibility not to spread AIDS and inform the female partner about the risk.
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