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12 Jan 2006

Tummy bug
Hallo doctor. I'm 21 year old guy and about 3 years ago i just suddenly got a tummy bug or virus. It was very bad and doctor gave me injection and antibiotics and pills for the cramps, vomoting and diarrhoea. However, from then on i've had it every about 2-3 times a year. However, it is not as severe as it was at first. i would also sometimes lose some of the symptoms like diarrhoea. then whenever i had it the doctors just said tummy bug and gave me pills for the cramps and vomoting. last year june i was on holiday and got it again. i went to doctor and told her everything and told her there must be something wrong. she then said told me theres no need for antibiotics as it was only viral (or bacreria, cant remember).she also said that it can just be in the air and i'm just very prone to it. but then why doesnt my mom and my little brother of 6 ever get it or other family members who live wiht me, only me? however i was fed up and insisted she give me anitbiotics since i thought the bug or virus or whatever was never died thats why it kept on returning. She also said she can test my blood for 2 things which could be possible reasons. however i never went back for the tests since i was on holiday and now felt better.

Than i the night after christmas my stomach was running again, but also that of my cousin. but we suspected there was something wrong with the meat. the morning he was fine but i still had some cramps. i went to doctor and he gave me pills for the cramps and diarrhoea. i had no feeling of vomoting so i didnt think it was a bug/virus (just the meat). then everything was ok. two days latter the cramps and stuff returned. i went to another doctor who was really good. i told him everything. he gave me injectiong and antibiotics and explained it to me. explained to me about the difference about viral and bacteria and food poisoning and allergies and said how the one goes with a fewer and the other doesnt. (but i have forgotten). he said we need to distinguish which it was and there could be three reasons why i get it, someting chronical and the other two i've forgotton. he said then when i go back home (am on holiday now) and get it again i should let they take my feses for tests so we can find the cause of this. but now he said, there's no bloodtest for this.

no my question is, why do these doctors differ so? what is this viral and bacterial infection , the one with fewer and the other without? what do you think is wrong with me? and what should i do? and what tests should i go through to get to the bottom of this and find out whether it is viral or bactera, food poisoning, allergy or what? (i have no know allergy to food).

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01 Jan 0001

Dear Matt,
Someone who knows you well and who have treated you a few times will probably think it is more than just the odd germ you picked up. That is why the last dr said that you should give in a stool sample. ( Some drs may also be lazy and just wants to treat the current condition without bothering to find out why it keeps on returning - sadly...) There are lots of tests one can do for this but the first would be a stool test. Why don't you ask your dr to refer you to a gastro-enterologist to have this sorted out once and for all? The stool will tell the dr if there are bacteria, rota virus or parasite infection. 2 teaspoons full , not older than 24 hours, in a clean bottle and plastic bag will be enough.
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