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25 Jan 2006

Ey doc,

iz at the gym the otha day an saw a sinurita, a babe beyond ma comprehension, she waz swimin an every now an en iz check er googlin through er googles... it waz love ... she looked like a Shakira is supposed to look ... wow ... if only i ad no respect 4 ma womin ... maybe she wud ave ben the one 2 blow ma mind

Waz wonnerin bout some of em folks oo slate an ow they feel inside from a ead shrink perspective ..

If someone goes into uz postinz an reads all uzz shyte an hates it, en they post a reply letting uzz know ow ey hate uz shyte an call uz names an stuff …

Iz wonnerin in that situation if em folks hate themselves, firstly cause ey read something that puts em in a mood, or use it as an excuse for a mood ey already in… an ey read the whole thing, sometimes a few times b4 sayin er shyte, is that a similar thing 2 em folks oo cut emselves… ???

Some folks read ma posts a lot an ey don like me notin, ey come unner diff niks all em times not knowin iz cracked uz admin site bout 2 years ago an check out all the ip’s ;) uz shud really update uz passwords or implement some form of something iz charge u a shyte load of cash 2 secure …

Anyways … its sorta like a post stalker… an if u don ave one en u not made it according to olliwood … so I’d jus like 2 thank all em stalkers woo ate me cause it means iz made it ;)

Read one on ma day b4 ma bday from Chucky … that’s ma x 2 em power of something, its so easy 2 check out likesay woo is woo an ow volatile some peoples r with regards 2 emotional stability …

Tis true iz not uz full kettle of fish but that’s alright, I won ma freedom fair an square so ers no use fluffin bout it ey!

Ben a ard road cutting down on em ciggies an smoking less, canna take any mind alterin zyban ma man… em meds cud do jus bout anything 2 ma ead an yea its slight paranoia so for now every minute is a conscious effort 2 stay away from ciggies …

Ma ouse as ben turned into a workshop wif ma propultion thingiee … so far its pretty shyte good … iz ben full steam ahead cause wen cars can run on something that business canna sell I really believe bush will be out of em oil fields faster an a negative response 2 ma postins …

Iz applied 4 a new position were one can uze em creative powers as well, ey were well impressed wif ma chat an things seem positive … iz ad a dream at iz was avin it on wif 3 different bitches an ma dong turned into a plant like thing wif poppin papper stuff filled wif liquid, hate it wen ma womin as er period … normally gives me weird dreams wen I don get it outta ma system …

Also wonnerin bout lucid dreamin… do u reckon it really is? An maybe wen uz die uz jus return 2 a lucid dream were uz reality is shifted accordin 2 uz thoughts… if thoughts exist an ey don come from uz brain… an if we can control our dreams en we dream wot we control… so y wud I shag 3 bitchzes an turn ma dong into a plant…?

Ave a great day

01 Jan 0001

So long as it was only your mind that got blown.... Interesting views on the moaners that annoy all of us. COuld be a degree of self-dislike being projected out onto others ( I'm having a miserable day --- lets see how I can make someone else miserable, too? ) So its inner aggression projected outwards ( like President George Twiglet, perhaps ) rather than against the self, as in a cutter. But as you sense, if one or more of those pathetic dweebs DON'T hate you, you haven't been doing your job properly.
I wonder how the new post could measure up to your undoubted creativity ? I doubt you'd be content for long in any post that didn't use it as well as posible.
Interesting dream, as if you developed a masculine form of aggressive menstruation, too. Maybe MENstruation.
The lucid dreaming sounds rather like Vanilla Sky ?
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