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02 Feb 2006

5 forms of abuse please read
firstly what is the defanition of abuse.
miss use is when you missuse the trust that someone have given you. quite simple. ABUSE

there are 5 forms of abuse and i think everyone should read this its not a thumb suck its fact part of what i studied.

1. physical
2. emotional
3. mental
5. verbal

1. Physical abuse is obvious any form of physical pushing shoving hitting beating.

2. Emotional abuse is anything said or done or implied to make you feel less of a person or to make you feel guilty or bad about anything . it is used to break you down to become dependant on others for your happiness and thoughts.

3. Mental abuse is when things are said or done in such a way to make you question your own sanity and thoughts and make you think you are stupid or that it is your own fault.

4. Sexualy abuse is obviously rape as well as with holding sex from someone your partner for your own benafit or when used as a manipulation tactic.

5. Verbal abuse is when things are said to make you feel stupid or bad or guilty or to make you look bad in front of others.

There is a lot to say on abuse but i see a lot of woman and men are posting the same things and they dont understand why. i dont want eveyone here to become over sensative when you partner tell you that your cooking has been better but im sure you can understand what this post is for. you offten start with verbal and sometimes it never gets worse than that but once an abuser always an abuser with that person, because the person has alloud it befor if you are in this position then you need to get out. they promise the world and its actually called the honey moon stage where things will be fine for a while. please read posts 12286 and 12288 if you think you are in an abusive relationship. it never changes and you souldnever put up with it at all coz it only get worse by the time you realise whats going on you are already too dependant on that person you become there child.. both males and females abuse its not just males

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01 Jan 0001

Worth thinking about --- and your very last point is important too --- men and women BOTH abuse partners. men are more likely to be physical ( though some womn can be very physically abusive ) and women are more likely to be verbally and emotionally cruel ( though some men are skilled at that, too ).
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