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20 Nov 2008

A guy with a knife outside my window...
This is not a hoax. 2 hours ago while I was working away at my computer, in my office, reading and responding to Forum postings, I looked up and saw a nasty knife just outside the window next to me. There are blinds and net curtains, and with the light as it is, nobody out there could see me inside. Soon the knife was followed by the burglar. A clean-looking young black guy in a white sport shirt with I think green and black stripes, with a large bulging knapsack on his back. He crept past the rather long window at which I sat, and went further along the back of the house. I looked for the police phone number, and called 10111. BY now the guy was back, and clearly walked slowly round the house several times, always with the knife gleaming wickedly in his hand and pointing forwards. I confirmed that the outside doors were locked, and called the police. Now, in the end, the flying squad did arrive fairly promptly and were really useful. But the women who answer these emergency lines urgently need better training. Their language skills seem limited. Picture it -- I'm trying to speak clearly but quietly as there's an armed man peering through the window a metre from me. MY messages were very clear, exact, and simple to understand. But I had to repeat myself many times, and when she rang off, I had no confidence whatever that she had actually understood or whether anyone would be coming. Then I heard noises from the next room, wher, when I peeper, I could see he was using the knife to try to scrap away the putty to loosen a window pain. Presumably he wasn't confident as to whether or not there might be someone in the house, and decided not to take the noisier route and break a window. I went back to the phone, and called our local police-station. Again, someone who gave me no confidence at all ; again dificulty knowing whether she had understood my message. It would have helped had she simply repeated back to me what she thought I had said, so I could corect her if needs be, and otherwise feel secure she had the right message. Again, she cut off before I knew whether any help would be coming. Fortunately, about 4 minutes later, I saw another figure come past the window --- a nice blue policeman with a gun. Reassuring ! Apparently the knifeman ran and athletically climbed over the high wall nearby, separating my garden from my neighbours, and apparently was seen by people there, and ran to his wall at the back, and jumped quite a long way down, and escaped down the wild hillside behind us. I had to open a window on the second floor to be able to speak to the police in the garden and make sure it was safe for me to come out. In short, they searched, but didn't catch knifeguy, and eventually left. They asked me relevant details, semeed disappointed when I reported that nothing had been stolen THIS TIME --- because I had helped them to interrupt the break-in. I have a description, but nobody took a statement. One of the policemen said he'd like to come and live with me in a month or so, and would bring his gun and rifle to keep us safe. I asked whether we should put up a notice in all official languages saying : Beware : policeman with gun and rifle inside !" and the chuckled. So that's that for now. But if there's a ptolonged silence from my side on the forum, someone might need to check whether I'm still breathing. I was due to go to the Big Brother finale on SUnday night, and a press conference there on Monday morning, so don't expect to hear from me on Sunday or Monday,anyway. But keep fingers crossed. Awfully hard to type with crossed fingers.
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01 Jan 0001

Scary indeed. Apparently they don't bother to open a docket for house-breaking ( though the house got broken !) because nothing seems to have been stolen. So we keep fingers crossed.
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