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13 Aug 2007

A question for the ladies if ... UPDATE
Hi ladies (From Sleepless in DC)

Here is the promised update. If you remember, I asked how ladies would respond to compliments from a complete stranger, and after reading your responses, decided to go and find out by choosing 10 ladies to pay a compliment to.

So bright and early Saturday morning in Washington I went hunting for the local talent to pay them a compliment. Please note, that on all occasions I started with "I am not trying to pick you up or anything, but ..."

Lady 1: I complemented her on how stunning she looked. I received a look of suprise then a shy smile. (Hmmm, not to bad i thought).

Lady 2: In return for the compliment paid I received a smile and a "where are you from ..." question. (So far so good)

Lady 3: At a shopping centre. This lady was really stunning, so stunning in fact that I popped into a curio shop and purchased a small poodle doll. I then went up to her a gave it to her complimenting her on her looks. The fact that she had on a mini skirt with legs all the way to heaven had nothing to do with it of course ... lol. She was really chuffed with the compliment and her gift. A cry of suprise followed by a thank you and then a shy look around to see if the other shoppers had heard. They had and all were smiling at her.

Lady 4. With my success I was really feeling confident. You girls think it is easy to approach you. No way! I went up to her and comented on her lovely eyes. She smiled and commented on mine. (I figure she was being polite as my eyes are brown and nothing special).

Lady 5, 6 & 7 all gave me the same response. A shy smile and a thank you.

Lady 8 really floored me. I noticed this girl wandering around doing window shopping. After following her for about 5 minutes I used my new found courage and approached her. "You are really stunning and beautiful I said". I was not prepared for her response because she burst into tears. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was feeling down. I took her for a cup of coffee and allowed her to dump on men. We parted as friends, but not after she had told me that my words had really perked her up and restored her confidence. (1 up for SA men. Who says we are all shits or rapists)

After this I did not really want to go on with my exercise even though I felt good about helping her out, so I ended up watching Jason Bourne kick the crap out of everyone at the movies.

Sooooo ladies. It seems your counterparts in Washington are a little more comfortable with men than you guys are in South Africa. I guess they get treated better. However, I am glad to say that the majority of you who responded to my question last week were wrong.

Now for my next test ... watch this space.

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01 Jan 0001

Gogga has a good point
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