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15 Oct 2011

cant cope
I have a social phobia and at the age of 28 I cant make friends and cant get meaning out of my life and just enjoy challenges and things like other poeple. I have high anxiety and low self confidence. I cant seem to do well at most jobs and battle to connect with people. Im currently seeing a psychotherapist who hs put me on espiride. Its a stupid drug for my condition as I believe its an antipsychotic. Cyberdoc you may remember me, Im the same person that wrtoe to you for a while telling you how I wanted to ill my therapist. This was a long time ago and I forgot about it for a while but I have started thinking about her again recently and actually got her number and want to tell her what i think of her. Even though she has a restraining order and I could get into serious trouble by phoning. I have had social problems and inadequacies since early childhood and cant relate to others. My mother has passwe away from cancer and dad has moved away. Have nowhere to go and have tried lots of medication and different psychotherapists. I find it all ti be pseudoscience. Is that true? haha. Not a very wise thing to ask you but I really dont care anymore, you all seem the same to me.
I miss taking Lorien, it really worked well, but it makes you hyper and you cant sleep on that drug either. This espiride does nothing but actually makes me a zombie and dumb and slow. Wat medication should I take? I cant afford these therapists out there. Its so expensive!
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01 Jan 0001

That's really unpleasant, but fortunately social phobia responds really well to proper treatment, with CBT counselling / therapy, and the appropriate use of some drugs also used to treat depression. I don't favour treating it solely with drugs.
I'm not sure who you are seeing, as a psychotherapist usually is a psychologist who cannot prescribe drugs, and Espiride is an odd choice with no proven benefits I have come across, in treating social phobia. Its a far more non-specidic drug, but bizarrely popular among SA prescribers for reasons I cannot fathom.
Obviously having any sort of unpleasant and aggressive thoughts about your therapist is a bad thing - why on earth did you remain under treatment with someone whose treatment seems ineffective and who you aparently dislike ? There are dozens of alternatives out there.
Or if you wisely stopped seeing her, you know that brooding about her is of no value whatever - see someone more competent and more congenial, and get more effective treatment.
Trying to make contact with her cannot benefit you in any way, and can only cause you further needless grief. Let it go ; the important aim is for you to get better treated and helped.
Surely you need urgently to arrange for a second opinion, to see another consultant / specialist psychiatrist, for a full re-assessment and a discussion of treatment options. Be frank about what you have experienced thus far.
I wouldn't use Espiride, but a range of meds such as some also used to treat Depression, and indeed some also used to treat psychosis, can be very helpful.
The only form of psychotherapy with good evidence that in ca help in such situations, is very specifically CBT, Cognitive-behaviour Therapy ; most of the rest is indeed pseudoscience and pointless. ( you see, we're not ALL alike !)
Lorien may be somewhat tranquilizing, but isn't, either, what I'd recommend for this sort of problem.
Get a good fresh opinion from a psychiatrist ( who could refer you tto the right sort of psychotherapist if necessary ) rather than seeking a psychotherapist from the start. And if you can't promptly find on in the private sector, try the Dept of Psychiary at your nearetst medical school, perhaps

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