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15 Feb 2006

dead dad visiting ?
background. my dad passed away last year end july. we were quite close and me being 41 i realized in later years of my life how much value's my dad actually tought me. yes and all the standard thing of i did'nt say everything to him before he died, i did'nt thank him and and, everybody know how the story goes.

but lately, the last 2 odd months i dream of him often, i am not a regular dreamer in te sence that i seldom dream, and les often remember the dreams the next day, BUT, lately i have had deams of my dad and i remember those dreams as clear as ..well movies, the next day. funny thing in the dreams is that me and my dad talk, and he knows he is dead, and we discuss things that happend since his death, the good and the bad, the fact that my half brother is causing trouble with the will, and and and ...

i end up crying in my dreams, so bad that my fiance wakes me up and then she is realy upset, cause she knows i never cry nor EVER show any emotions.

what bothers me is i won the mental lottto, bipolar, anxiety, ptsd and i know that when a lot of clear dreams come along i'm in for another rolercoaster ride soon, which i cant afford at the moment.

what i would like to know, has anbody experienced this, comunicating to the dead in dreams.

ps. PLEASE no religous debates.
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01 Jan 0001

Hello again Blackbird,
Good to hear from you again. I remember the loss of your father. Though I often say that much of the content of dreams appears to be random, I hope I usually remember to add that they also often deal with current preoccupations, worries or issues on your mind. So these are not strange nor sinister dreams. I don't think they're likely to signal the onset of one of the other problems. And it sounds as tthough they are functional and useful --- they enable you to have some of the conversations with him you so bitterly regret having missed the chance to have, and they enable you to make contact with those deeply sad feelings and express them as you wouldn't usually do while awake, and this may help to promote the resolution of your griefs.
Whether you see this as a real communication with the dead, or as a form of wish-fulfillment in which part of your mind and memory converses with another part, is your choice. Either way, it sounds useful
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