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21 Apr 2003

Beste Prof
Ek het so 3 dae terug met u gekorespondeer oor Anxiety Disorers,waarop u my megedeel het dat die medikasie wat ek gebruik "Zoloft' nie werklik bedoel is om angs te behandel nie.U het 'Bustra' voorgestel,maar ek wil baie dankie se want ek voel al reeds beter,dit sal seker nog n' ruk duur voordat ek heeltemal herstel het van angs.Maar nogmals baie dankie.

Prof ek sit met n' maagseer,ek het op die internet die volgende gelees"It has recentlybeen discovered that most patiens with ulcers have a bacteruim,Helicobacter Pylori,living in thestomach.This infection in some way enhances the development of ulcers.

Ulcers Peptic ulcer disease

Ek vermoed dat ek duodental ulcers het "will usually experienced as pain or burning high in the mid-abdomen.

Ek gebruik vir die afgelope 6 maande "Lanzor"dit help om die sooibrand weg te hou,maar sodra ek n' paar dae dit nie drink nie,sit ek weer met sooibrand.Die Dokter het een keer Antiboitika "Clasid" voorgeskryf dit het redelik goed gewerk,maar het my maag heeltemal gestop.

Graag wil ek by u hoor wat sal u voorstel moet ek gebruik,en hoe lank om van my maagseer te herstel. .

U hulp word opreg waardeer

Groete JB
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01 Jan 0001

Dear JB,
Good to hear from you again ! I'm delighted to hear that you're already feeling better, and hope things continue to improve. of course, an Anxiety Disorder is not helpful if one has ulcer symptoms --- people who are especially tense may produce more stomach acid, irritating the ulcer(s) more, and producing more discomfort. The good news is that with relief of the anxiety, the stomach pains may improve, too. Remember that much of the time, stomach aches, even if very unpleasant, don't necessarily mean that one has an ulcer as such --- chronic indigestion related to anxiety can be just as painful. That's why one would generally check with a doctor to decide whether the symptoms are likely to indicate an ulcer.
Lanzor is one of a class of medicines that help to stop the stomach from producing so much acid, therefore relieving the discomfort of an ulcer or of acid enhanced indigestion. But it doesn't necessarily "cure" the ulcer, and so pains may indeed return when one stops the anti-acid pill. This is where the chronic anxiety can come in, pushing one towards more production of acid, wile the lanzor tries to reduce it.
When I was a student, anyone who suggested that stomach ulcers could be caused by an infection, would have been laughed at, and would have failed their exams ! However, in recent years, there has been evidence that a high proportion of people with ulcers have in their stomachs this peculiar and tough bacterium (germ) the Helicobacter, which seems to be associated with ulceration. The idea is still a bit controversial, and exactly how it enhances our ability to make ulcers, isn't clear yet. And although getting rid of the bacterium does often lead to healing of ulcers and relief of symptoms, this doesn't always seem to work, which is annoying and puzzling.
Anyhow, now I'm treading on the ground of my colleague, Cyberdoc !
Your current combination of treatments sounds sensible. The one thing that might be well worth adding to it, would be counseling, to indentify the sources of your anxiety, and learn how to avoid them or overcome them. Otherwise it's a bit like a guy wih a headache caused by someone hitting him on the head with a book --- he can take ulcers, and this might indeed help --- but it's better to take away the book and stop the guy from hitting him, in the first place !
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