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27 Aug 2007

Electric shock treatment
Hi all , please can someone who has had ECT treatment before tell me if it has helped them out . I have not had any luck on the medication I have been on over the years non of them have ever helped me. I have had two assessments and both Shrinks tell me the best thing to do is ECT seeing as the meds are not working . I was diagnosed with bipolar about 4 years back and have been in hospital once as I was loosing it for awhile. I need to know if this will help me I just want to be normal like everyone else .

Doc , the last 6 months I have been very depressed and aggressive . the depression keeps me indoors and I don’t really want to socialize with anyone . I have become anti-social and I know every me and my Girlfriend know things I am a F *&^ up . I have been so aggressive that I have started smashing doors in at home and even smashed the table glass with my fist . My girlfriend had to get friends and family out to ask me to leave as she has become so scared of my out bursts. She has stuck by me for years and says she will still stick by me . I am scared that one day I am going to take it too far and land up doing sometime to her. I will admit I do hurt her mentally and physically.. I know hurting her is wrong in any form and when it happens I just see red.

How do I control my aggression I have tried positive thinking but without any luck. Work is also not going to well I just seem to sit around doing as little as possible, I use to get in and get things going …

Sleeping pattern maybe 4 hours a night if that . even with the sleeping pills that I have been on for over 15 years .

I have my highs and lows daily theses days one minute I am on top of the world and nothing is going to put me down, then with in a couple of minutes or hours I can feel the depression creeping in and that’s me .

The ups and down I could control to some extent but the aggression which is new to me is worrying me a lot . The self mutilation / the odd suicide thoughts are creeping in from time to time.

What is going on with me with this aggression ??? what can I do or take to calm me down .
One thing to mention my body seems to find any meds I am on even relaxants can take double the dose and still ....
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01 Jan 0001

If you'll check the archives of this forum for recent postings, or look back at earlier postings, I discussed ECT and its effectiveness within the last week.
You have been wise in getting two opinion,s and apparently they both recommend ECT. It would probably be worth trying. You don't mention what others meds you have been on for the diagnosis of Bipolar disorder, but after the ECT they might usefully try mood-stabilizing drugs like Lamictin. They wouldn't want to try these befroe the ECT, as these meds are also anti-convulsants, and would interfere with the ECT. Ask whether someone accessable to you can provide CBT ( Cognirivwe-Behaviour Therapy ) as well, as this has been shown to be really effective in treating depression, and could also help with that troublesome aggression, and help to get you back in control of the situation.
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