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19 Sep 2007

heads up 2 all the white people...
ey Doc Ead,

ow u keepin?

iz ad a few things going on lately, 4 one iz got maself anotha workin environment which likesay eez full of interestin people that speak english...

iz worked 4 the government 4 a while an it was sorta like sellin uz soul to the devil little by little, tis true that if uz a black guy or even beta a black girl en uz really gonna go far, even if uz don know what the F* uz doin likesay, iz seen it appenin every day... right now iz reportin to a dude oo is on his first project in eez life an iz likesay on ma 15 th... an en em black people pull rank an think ey all kleva an iz jus sad cause this countries gone to shyte in a load of ways... well the government has an ey r a bunch of racist communist pigs... desguised as dustbin bags... heads up mr G.

so ... iz resigned yesterday... am so f* thankful that there is a private sector in our racist country ... u wud not believe that the one dude oo is black ere said , ow can meez be racisist, meez black... iz jus shake ma ead ... ee is more of a racist than em AWB folkers...

got meez a great job doc ead... canna wait 2 put all the hate behind me... am startin a.s.a.p.

jus want uz 2 know that tis ard bein white in SA, but if one is lucky an also talented ey canna keep u down all the time, uz get knocked down alot... uz to white, uz 2 bright, uz gonna threaten ma future flight on BEE airways.... but every now an en, they f* up an uz get a job ;) sometimes a nice one where ere r people oo don look at u an automatically class u into a racial group cause uz sorta light ...

meez womin eez on er own mission an as requested a seperation, iz not unneerstandin wot that eez likesay, uz togetha or not ... wots this inbetween shyte.... anyways iz tol er that meez not appy in no mands land an meez distancin maself from er ... she's young an not unnersandin anythin... meez makin excuses 4 er that she's young, maybe meez 2 ol doc ead...

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01 Jan 0001

ey Dude,
Well, as usual, you really know how to be popular and stir things up in the forum ! There are racists of all shades and colours, and in all osrts of places. And prejudice is automatically pre-judging someone --- a black supervisor assuming that just because you're white, you're not suitable for a task, or a white supervisor making the same unbalanced decision about a black candidate or co-worker. We'll have got beyong racism when we are ALL paying attention to the quality of someone's work rather than their skin-colour, or religion, or other aspects of their background.
As for your gf, I don't understand how you could have a separation together. Isn't it either separate or together ? Maybe she's planning to try a spot of Separate Development ?
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