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28 Jan 2006

I need help, a cry for help?
Two hours ago I swallowed 12 500mg of acetaminophen. I know what it will do, and I know what will happen in the next 6-12 hours if I don't go to the hospital. I'm ashamed though. I don't want my mom to put me in some freakish (no offense) pyschological clinic for the rest of my high school life. I really messed up today. I wrote a message about a day or two ago about being molested by my first stepdad when I was seven. He left my mom before anyone found out about what he did(for those wanting to know). Now I just want to get help. I've never overdosed on drugs and I cant cut my wrist because of the dull knives in our house. But please, befor I go to the hospital, can someone give me a help line in the U.S?(Atlanta help line)? Its crazy how I'm communicating withpeople I don't even know but I can't talk to ANYONE else right now, please help me...
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01 Jan 0001

rachel, I'm puzzled. I really care about what happens to you, but you do know what you must do, and yet you are hesitating --- and posting a message here where you know we cannot do what you need done, and where you know the shrink will not be available until morning ? . So why are you making us feel responsible for what happens to you, while preventing us from being able to help ? And we have provided contacts for local groups like Lifeline where you can immediately talk with a trained counsellor. So what are you wanting from us ?
Obviously what you need to do, as soon as possible, is to tell your parents what happened, and have them take you to the nearest good hospital asualty, for tests to check on your physical state, and possibly steps to remove as much as possible of the drug you overdosed on.
Indeed, I'm curious --- you call it Acetaminophen, which is what it is called in North America, and here it'd be called Paracetamol, so I wonder if you are contacting us from a very long distance ? And there are so many ohone-in helplines in the USA and Canada ! Aren't they listed in your local phone-book or Yellow Pages ? Can't you, in fact, just call the operator and get such a number ?
Your parents would obviously want to have you reviewed by a competent local shrink, and maybe even admitted to hospital for a short while --- but it's remarkably unlikely that anyone would want to keep you an inpatient for long, and surely not "for the rest of my high school life".
Of course, when you return from the hospital ( and hurry up and get there !) you're very welcome to continue to keep in touch with us, as we will continue to care about what happens to you. But I'm sure there are also many people around Atlanta, who would be easy for you to talk with. Remember, we are 7 hours behind New York, and , what, 8 or 9 hours behing your time in Atlanta.
DO keep in touch, and let us know how things go with you ; work hard locally to get a good local shrink --- there will be many to choose from where you are --- and get the best available treatment, as well as talking with us.
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