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20 Oct 2006

Living with depression and anxiety
im a 21 year old female who was recently diagnosed with major depression. first had the most terrifying anxiety attack and later admitted to hospital for a week. i've been on meds(wellbutrin- anti-depressents) for the past 2months or so, and have not been seen a psycologist due to financial reasons.

i do however still experience alot of uncertainty and worry on a day to day basis, and if i miss the meds for 1 day, I feel extremely depressed enough to make me think about commiting suicide. its strange how i go into that state of mind and need to be medicated to get out of it. im quite frustrated that i cant control my emotions and get even more frustrated when people think that im "feeling sorry for myself". or i need to "pull my self towards myself". and they dont realise that i cant help it.

my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me after this whole thing happened, and is always nagging me to go see a psycologist and this just makes me feel even more isolated and alone. i feel like no-one can help me. i know that maybe sum people wont understand what im going thru, but i just need to find out how do i keep focused and keep my mental state at a normal level? i feel my emotions are out of control and thats probably the reason why my boyfriend broke up with me, cos i am not mentally stable. but i feel fine, i just have my days when i cant take been alive and its scary. im confused, alone, and feel forgotten. i dont know how to make myself "right", i dont know how to just "pull myself together" sumtimes and its so confusing. i wanna know if there is a cure for major depression or is this sumthing im gona have to live with for the rest of my life?please assist in advising me what my next step should be?
thanks- Jenna
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01 Jan 0001

It sounds as though counselling, especialyl of the CBT sort, may be the missing ingredient. No antidepressant ceases its effects within a day, so this rapid bad response is surely psychological in origins. Significant, but not at a chemical level, and needing a solution in the psychological arena.
Depression easily makes you feel convinced that nobody can help you, but that is a lie caused byu the depression. You can and should be helped. There's no reason for you to remain just like this for life --- the point of CBT therapy is that it helpss you to regain control over such situations, and to get and stay, "together".
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