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02 Feb 2006

Me again
Hi Doc

I wrote to you earlier wrt rectal polyps being removed and how stressed I was. Well, I went for the colonoscopy and all was clear! I am very greatfull for that! The evening before the colonoscopy if got such stomach pains (actually the whole week befor that) that I had to get a pain injection at the local ER. (That was 1 AM in the colonoscopy was for 7AM that morning.) Well, I woke up during that night and my hands were numb. I initially thought I had a stroke, but I went to my GP about two days afterwards to make sure it was nothing serious, and he said it was probably due to the stress. Doc, for about a month I had no appetite, was constantly in anxiety over what the results might have been and I even clenched my jaw at night because of the stress. On Tuesday I went back to my GP and he did a complete blood test and numerous others...all came back normal. He also sent me to a internist and she said everything seems to be fine. I am just experiencing extreme fatigue and I'm constantly worried I might have some serious disease) My body is sore and I also experience parasthesia in my hands and feet. It's not really painfull, but it is irritating, cause it reminds me of the whole situation. She said that I don't have to worry about lupus or MS as I did not present and of the typical symptoms, but I must get my anxiety under control (gonna see a doc next week for that) In the meantime what do I do? It's as if I'm not relieved, even after the internist's opinion. She did say however that when my anxiety/depression is under control and the symptoms persist, I must come back so that she can do a MRI. Doc, I'm so scared and don't know what to do. I'm taking 5 mg cipralex and also stillnox to sleep at night. I have alzam that I can take, but don't really use it that much. Can stress do this to a person even after the stressfull event is over? Please give me some advice.
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Keen,
Pleased to hear that all went well and everything was found to be clear --- it's not a pleasant procedure, but it is nice to be more sure that everything's OK. Sounds like you were badly stressed over the whole episode --- and sress can, especially through over-breathing, lead to tingling and numbness ( paraesthesia ) in the hands, even feet ; and through muscle spasms, cause pains almost anywhere.
Sounds like anxiety could be the primary problem here, causing these many different symptoms, and the underlying fear that there is something awful going wrong, when the awful thing going wrong, is the anxiety itself.
See a good local shrink, and ESPECIALLY ask to see a good counsellor using CBT (Cognitive-Behavior Therapy ) methods, to tackle all that negative thinking.
Stress and anxiety can do everything you describe, and more. Fortunately, with CBT and adjustment of the meds, you can bring it right back under control, and probably relieve all the symptoms that have been troubling you.
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