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27 Sep 2006

No hope anymore
Hi Doc

It's me again. I wrote to you a while ago wrt polyps that were removed and how I got sick after a colonoscopy that was done in end Jan 06. Before the colonoscopy I was in great health. No problems whatsoever. Although I do suffer from depression and anxiety. My muscle and joint pains are much better (almost gone). The only symptoms I have left are:

* suprapubic pain and anal/rectal and testicle pain
Now, I have seen a gastro doc wrt to this and he says it's proctalgia fugax combined with IBS. I DON'T BELIEVE HIM. From what I have read, these conditions are not supposed to give constant pain. The pain is mostly when I sit. When I walk or lie down it's gone. Even went to see a urologist as I thought this might have been prostatitis. He treated me with antibiotics (have had almost 5-6 courses this year). They symptoms seems to get better with the antibiotics. Then about 2 weeks after I have stopped it, they are back. The uro also did a sonar and did not find any traces of cancer. My PSA was 0.15.

*skin burning sensation
For this I have seen my internist and he says this could be due to my anxiety and depression. He referred me to my psychiatrist who changed my medication. The sensation is mostly in my face and shoulder area. Sometimes certain patches on my hands are also sensitive. I have seen a neurologist in March wrt pins and needles feelings and he did tests and said it was not neuropathy, but very likely due to stress.

Doc, I've been on so many medications the past 8 months it's not even funny anymore. I've seen so many doctors. I've had so many blood tests. (FBC, CRP, ESR, Rhematoid factor, KIDNEY TEST, ALT, GGT, Tests for EBV, CMV, Brucellosis, Thyroid, fasting sugar.HIV) My internist is convinced that my symptoms are due to anxiety/depression. I went back to my internist last week to ask him to look deeper as to what could be causing these symptoms. He did the following tests: FBC+ESR, KIDNEY test, ALT and GGT, also Bilburin (sp?). He also checked certain tumor markers. I got my results yesterday and he said that all the tests were normal except my ALT and GGT. ALT was 58 and GGT was 85. He was not very concerned about it and said I must come back in 6 weeks to have it re-tested. The only other thing I could see from my other blood tests was my CRP that was elavated (10.7). He did not check it this time. My current medications are: Cipralex 15mg, Valium 10mg. A week before the test I was on Adco-amoclav for a week and I'm als using Prexige 100mg daily for the past week. Could my medication be causing these abnormal liver counts? I'm not very active and about 15 kg overweight. So I gues my lifestyle also has a role in this. Doc, I'm only 29. And all this started after a colonoscopy. I don't know what to do anymore. Should I go for a second opinion at another internist. I really don't know anymore. It seems that everytime I speak to my internist he just says this is stress/depression and does not seem overly concerned.I really feel depressed about this and I'm very anxious about all of this. I'm so scared I'm busy dying of some terrible disease. I'm even thinking about suicide these days as I feel that all hope is gone for me.

I know you cannot diagnose over the internet, but can you please just give me some advice. Or even maybe just your suspicions?
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01 Jan 0001

Hello again Keen,
Good to hear the muscle and joint pains are better. The fact that all the tests have been normal and have shown no nasty disease lurking in your body seems to be frustrating to you, while reassuring to your dictors. There really is no evidence of serious disease --- except for anxiety and depression. think if you could find the best local CBT ( Cognitive-behaviour Therapy ) therapist this could really help you to gain control of the anxiety / depression and the physical symptoms related to it --- and get back to a more comfortable and normal frame of mind and thence a more comfortable and normal body. You are no, from all the data you give here, going to die of any horrible disease --- the issue is, rather, whether you can live with some symptoms as they will become milder and probably fade away as CBT helps you control the anxiety / depression. and as you become more focussed on life and activities rather than illness and dread.
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