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15 Feb 2006

oh help! Sorry i know its long
Okay Saturday night we went out to the local bar/restaurant, this one skank of a waiter which sleeps with Indians, also got the reputation of a slut, keeps on making this funny sign’s with her hands to Donovan *When u put all your fingers together and it forms that simple sign* (don’t know what it means but know I did it in Grade R) So I told him I don’t like it, for when they see me they pull back, and don’t do anything in front of me! So he knows I hate it! Last night I heard that the whole family is coming with to the dinner! Fine I don’t mind, so time goes by, we have a good time, here behind my back again he does this little sign and smiles at her, the other waiters comes over to me and tell me what was done, I confront both of them (Guess who is the big bad wolf) So Donovan says that he likes her as a friend, so I said fine, introduce me to your friend which only became your friend the past week or two, then I wont mind, so that is out of the pic now! So I hate going home to late especially if I have got work the next day! 11 I asked him we should go I am tired! Till about 1 I begged him I want to go home, he has the nerve to say I should go home alone he will leave with his mother and father! (It is very dangerous here, blacks all over and one of the places with the biggest crime rate, rape, hijacks EST.) I walk up to the car alone, across the road, get into the car *thought to myself stuff this why must he have a good time and I must go home alone, (Saturday I had a fabulous time but we had to go home at 11 for he wasn’t having a good time, I didn’t send him home alone, I went home with him like couples do)* so I got out and went back, told his father everything that has happened, he tells me he will sort it out! (so the mother of this skank waiter also got a issue with me now, I went over to her in a nice manner and wanted to apologize to her about her daughter, her reply: ” get away here I don’t want to talk to you” (after befriending my boyfriend and my boyfriends mother) So they don’t believe me that she was so horrible to me! So we finally gets going, I give everyone a hug good buy, wanted to apologize again to the lady, she whispers in my ear “you are sick you need a psychologist” I tell Don’s mother she said, no way she is such a sweet lady, I tell Donovan, (he stands there and let a stranger he met and don’t even know her from a bar of soap talk to me that way) Me all emotional and bursts out crying, storms out… HE CARRIES ON DRINKING AND LAUGHING WITH THIS BITCH! AFTER WHAT SHE SAID TO ME! So I went back and called him!

I can’t believe that he could let a stranger talk to me that way! No one is allowed to say anything bad about him and I protect him, he can’t do that for me!

What would you do your girlfriend/boyfriend suddenly has the interest of being a friend to a guy/girl you both don’t know, and don’t even have the decency to introduce you to her/him!
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01 Jan 0001

Maybe on re-reading your mesage, you will see how offensive other people would easily have found it, even if that was not your intention. Your comment about the skank sleeping with indians sounds as if you consider that to be relevant and awful, like sleeping with goldfish. As for the rest of the message, it sounds lie gossip to me, and not something needing the opinion of a specialist psychiatrist
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