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14 Sep 2006

Respect lost for postings
I am so shocked... Some people are disgusting. I wonder if they had a face and real name, if they would still say the same mean things. Probably not. I use to like reading posts here and even posting myself, but jeez, there is a crowd here all of a sudden that really just dont belong.

I know there has been alot of fake postings and yes, it isnt nice, but can I ask you to stop being sarcastic, ugly, rude, bitchy etc and just ignore the people you feel are "the fakes". YOu are creating this very nasty vibe by attacking everybody.

Also, apart from that, everyone should really try to think about a question and then answer a honest opinion. Not give an opinion that isnt even related.... i.e:

Someone says "I am 16 and pregnant and I want to study further, How do I go about it?"... And all you can say is "sis you are disgusting for having sex at 16, grow up"... Was that the question? No!

"My son is in school and I have trouble fetching him because I am working as a stripper and I have asked my neighbour, but he doesnt want to, what do I do?" and you would tell her how bad she is for being a stripper. Was that the question? No!

"I am living with my grandparents because I have a child and bought a new car, is this okye"... "again... sis you awful person for having sex at 16. Really guys... that wasnt her problem... not right now anyway...

You are breaking people down who is really trying to get help or descent opinions. Answer the question for what it is, stop telling everyone how bad they are (even if they are!) and try to help instead.

Yes, some things are wrong and all you "good" people wont dare doing such awful deeds, but as I"ve said, these people are obviously not proud of it and they cant suck the baby back in or make it dissapear. The point is, they are trying and yes they cannot change their immediate present, but let them try first... or give advice that will help them!

Be nice. Try to help at the very least, dont break everyone down. If that is your intent, you are in the wrong place.

I'm just very concerned about the people who really expect an honest "helping" site and all they get is blasts from the "mean" people. My heart breaks everytime I read an Innocent post that gets the worst, mean, bitchiest comments you could think of.

If you cant say nothing nice...

Oh and to prove my point... see the kind of comments I am going to get. Think before you ink.
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01 Jan 0001

I agree that the blasts are inappropriate and unneeded. I have said so often before --- if you don't like or suspect a post, ignore it. Or respond genuinely as though it was a genuine message.
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