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30 Jan 2006

Why do psychiatrists charge so much?
R450 for I thinbk it's 45 mins, stuff them man. I don't care how long they studied god dammit! Is this fee supposed to be helpful. What about helping people because you care and don't only care about the money. I swear I can't wait till alternative therapies take over and you GPs, orthopaedic surgeons, psychologists and the rest are stuffed, I hope people start looking after themselves and don't have to one of those lousy psychiatrists. How's you're turnover been this month? Good. To hell with you people. I can't say that all psychiatrists are bad, or that all psychologists are bad but I can say that a lot of you people are worth nothing!
I swear, the next time I need advice I'll turn to friend because you people are ludicrous. Hooray for chiropactors who give a proper treatment and charge R110 or at the most R160!
I have been rejected by a psychologist while I was suicidal and you know what! There's nothing I can do about it!! I have no proof that she emtionally abused me, so what can I do? What can patients do to stop you psychologists treating people like dirt over and over again? We can do nothing!
hy do people go to jail for physical abuse and not emotional abuse?? I seriously wonder about that one.
If you think about it emotional abuse is far worse.
If only I could find a number for a mafia guy to break the knees of ythe doctor who opened up my mom's back, looked around and then closed her up again. He lied and said he'd done something.
Sometimes violence is the only option towards these bastards, find out where they live, send somebody over and break their knee caps!
Yeah, I'm pissed but why should I not be! When a psychologist takes you for a ride and tries psycho babble to get out of it, stand up for yourself and sort the moneygrabber out. It's all big business to them. How can R300 for 50 minutes not be!
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01 Jan 0001

YOu think psychiatrists are expensive --- have you looked at the price of Anthrax lately ? :}
But seriously, yes the fees are high --- but so are the fees for plumbers, bricklayers, electricians, and hairdressers. And they could train in a week or two, rather than in ten years of expensive training, which is at least one factor to take into account. And I'm not sure where the idea comes from that "when" alternative medicine comes in, things will be cheaper --- consultatons with the unqualified folks who offer such treatments aren't greatly cheaper, and from what I can see, herbal and other remedies are not very cheap either. And because they work outside the system, they can promise anything, whether their remedies work or are dangerous, and can charge what they like as they are unregulated.
If any psychologist, or psychiarist, or doctor, or nurse, treats you badly, you can complain to their employer ( i they're not in private practce on their own ) AND always to the Health Professions Council, which can take serious action against them.
Emotional abuse can indeed be very hurtful --- the reason there are less cases about it is that it is obviously harder to prove --- and it is reasonable that proof be expected, otherwise anyone could acuse anyone of anything, and how could you defend yourself if proof wasnt needed ?
As others say, Lawyers provide a far better example of a profession which charges exorbitantly for even trivial assistance, whether or not they mess up your case. So, if you want to sue your shrink, you have to go to a lawyer and be even more thoroughly exploited, and the case would probably fail.
If you like a pop group like Anthrax, how much do you think they'd charge to give you a private performance for 50 minutes ?

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